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How do they do it? How does a woman give a full body massage to a sexy man without fucking his brains out? I’m starting to think there’s something those other masseuses aren’t telling me.

It’s my first day at work, and I have just given my first ever full body massage. I don’t know if I did the right thing, or if I screwed up as a masseuse. But I do know that I fucking loved stroking that big fucking cock.

Okay, I’ll tell you what happened.

A man booked a full body massage. He wasn’t my first client for the day, but he was the first ever to get a massage from me, and I knew when I applied for this job why I was here. Rubbing that toned, masculine body. the full body and of course, certain parts were more enjoyable for me. Anyways.

Everything was fine at first. I mean, I was trying to be professional even though my mind screamed at me to fuck him. And well, it worked. I gently kneaded his body, my oily hands gliding effortlessly. He moaned whenever I did something right, and that was pretty much every time.

Slut For A Chizzled Body

But everything changed once he flipped over so I could massage his chest. His abs were so defined I wanted to feel them pressing so hard against my soft squishy breasts. I worked my way down to his waist and then proceeded to massage his thighs.

I wanted to ignore his cock, I swear. Of course, I didn’t want to lose my job on the very first day. But he did say full body massage, and who am I to leave the best part of a man’s body out of that equation?

Full Body Massage With A Capital Full

But his massive cock was as hard as it could ever be. I gave up. taking his cock in my hands, I instinctively started to caress it. I trailed my fingers along each bulging vein around his shaft, and then I proceeded down toward the base of his cock.

The man moaned harder. His stomach clenched and unclenched while he moaned. His voice was so gruff it gave me multiple eargasms. I could feel slight body hesitation, and I get it. In the little pamphlet, full body massage never specifically listed cock draining, but even with hesitation, he is not stopping me.

Losing Control

Even then, I still believed I could be professional and not try to fuck him. But when his cock started to twitch and jerk in my grip, I could not control myself anymore. His toes curled, and his hips gyrated with need. The man was asking for something hot.

Wanting The Same Thing He Wanted.

I tightened my hold on his cock and stroked him harder, faster. I stared into his eyes the whole time, letting him read the horniness in my eyes as I worked him with my oily fingers. His voice rose in pitch. It was way higher than I’d like it to be, but I didn’t think it could make it through the firmly shut door.

I stroked his cock a little longer, and then he came all over my fingers, his unashamed cock suddenly growing limp. He exhaled, and then he lay back trying to catch his breath. I will probably lose my job if my manager finds out I did the forbidden during my first full body massage. But do I regret any of that?

Yeah. Actually. I do. I was trying to professionally wipe my hands off since his eyes caught mine right after. So my regret… Not being able to sneak a taste. Do you want to have an adult chat about all the different things I offered my clients?

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