Truth is, my job is boring. There’s nothing fascinating about taking measurements of people who are mostly out of shape. For some reason, those are the kind of people who walk into my tailoring workshop. Well, yesterday, the story was entirely different – I was able to bring my other profession to work that day. I was able to show off my skills as a cum eating expert.

Right Guy, Right Time

A boy walked in. He was apparently younger, but he was sexy and he knew it. That explained why he wore a tight-fitting black spandex t-shirt that perfectly outlined his well-defined pecs and his strong arms. It was impossible for me not to gape. Then again, I didn’t want to tear my eyes away from him. I wanted to stare long enough to take a mental photo of him. Of course, a cum eating expert like me would add a little naughty spice to that mind – photo.

Moments later I started to measure his body, it was time to measure his waistline and his legs. I dropped to my knees for a more accurate measurement. He must have gotten the wrong message. His cock instantly hardened. It poled through the strong fabric of his jeans pants and distracted me from the task I was yet to complete.

That Cock Wants Me And The Customers Always Right

I tried to feign oblivion to it, but each time it twitched in his pants, I felt a corresponding twitch between my legs. I measured his inner thighs, my hands were dangerously close to his erection. When I brushed my left hand against his cock, his soft shaky moan told me I was right on track. This is why I have the title of cum eating expert – I notice everything.

I set aside my measuring tape, my notepad, and my pen as well. Looking up into his eyes, I brought my hands to his belted jeans. I didn’t ask for approval. I knew what I wanted, and what he wanted as well. I’d be a fool not to go for it.

Cum Eating Expert Like Me Finally Getting To Work

Once his pants raced down his legs, his cock bounced out of hiding. I wrapped my left hand around his shaft, flashed him a sultry smile, and then I swung into action. I wrapped my lips around the fat tip of his cock and sucked him with an expertness that stunned him into breathlessness. His knees buckled, threatening to send him crashing down if he didn’t hold on to something. He settled for my work desk. He grabbed it firmly with his left hand while he placed his right hand on my head in an attempt to dictate my pace.

I was going too fast for him. I knew that. But I was not allowed to let him dictate my pace. My workshop was no private place. So, we only had a few moments of quality time before someone strolled in.

Gotta Drain Those Balls Before We Get Caught

My head bounced up and down the full length of his cock. I sucked him a little harder, a little faster. His breath was older now, raspier than anything I’d ever heard. Withdrawing to the top of his cock, I flicked my tongue around his meatus, and then I wrapped my fingers around his shaft just in time to feel a slurpy load of cum filling my mouth. I sucked him some more, milked him dry, and locked eyes with him as I gulped down every drop of his release.

I mean, I had to swallow in order to avoid a mess on his clothing, which could be bad for business… However, if we’re being honest, a cum eating expert like me wouldn’t have let a drop go to waste anyway.

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