When are you going to admit that you have a foot asphyxiation fetish?

You’re aching to do more than simply suck on my toes and worship my feet tonight, aren’t you? Why don’t you just come right out and admit it? You’ve got a major foot asphyxiation fetish. It’s written all over your face, plain as day. Your eyes haven’t left my feet since I walked through the door. I take it you like these new sandals? They do show off my high arches, and delicate toes to perfection, don’t they? I’ll take the drool slipping from the corner of your mouth as a yes.

Your face is so very easy to read. I’ve noticed lately that sex has been revolving more and more around my feet. You’re not content merely to touch, rub, kiss, and suck on my feet, are you? It’s time for you to speak up and admit what you’re really carving. Your dick gets rock hard at the thought of having me indulge your foot asphyxiation fetish, doesn’t it? Come one, you can say it out loud. If you do, you just might get what you’ve been so very desperately craving. Even though you stuttered through the words, you get a pat on the head for that one.

Come on my eager little foot slave. Let’s go to the bedroom, actually on second thought, I’m going to attach this leather collar and leash to you first. Good doggie, now down on your hands and knees. Follow along behind me like a good dog. Do as you’re told and you’ll get a special treat tonight pooch. Now, lick my feet, every single inch. Start with the right foot and then move to the left. Don’t you dare miss a single spot of my soft, delicate feet.

Slide your tongue along the bottom of my arches and suck each toe into your mouth one at a time.

You’re such a good little foot licker. The sweet scent and delicious taste of my perfect feet is intoxicating, isn’t it? Lay on your back, so the real fun can begin. It’s time for all of your foot asphyxiation fetish fantasies to come true. Feel me as I begin to shove my entire foot down your mouth, slowly and gently at first. The gentleness doesn’t last long though. Now I’m ramming it down your throat laughing as you choke on my feet.

Once you’re gasping to catch your breath, I begin to trample your face. My feet are pressing down against your face, blocking your nose and your mouth. You don’t mind at first, do you? All that you can feel and smell and taste is my amazing feet. It’s not long before you realize the predicament you’re in. It’s not a game anymore, and I’m not easing up long enough for you to catch your breath. Feel yourself begin to get light-headed. The room is spinning and starting to go dark around the edges. My freshly pedicured feet are holding you in place.

You can’t turn your head to gasp for air, or even to beg me to ease up or stop completely. Not that I would listen anyway. What you have to say is of no importance to me whatsoever. You’re simply a plaything for my amusement. Now I’m standing up and really stomping back and forth across your face. Your chest is heaving up and down and your face is beginning to turn colors. I wonder if you still find this so very erotic now that you’re actually experiencing it.

You know what they say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

From the looks of your stiff, leaking dick I guess you still do, don’t you? Your lips are beginning to turn colors and your eyes bulge but that doesn’t soften your dick one bit. If anything you’re getting even harder and throbbing more. The less air you breathe in the more excited you become. I’m stomping on your face a little harder as you struggle less and less against me. You simply don’t have the energy left to fight against your extreme foot fetish anymore, do you? Everything goes black and just as you’re about to pass out your cock explodes all on its own.


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