Do you have an extreme foot fetish craving?

I can tell that you have an extreme foot fetish. It’s more than obvious from the way you can’t tear your eyes away from my toes. You’re trying to resist me because you’re friends with my son. Don’t let a silly little thing like that get in the way of our fun. I got a pedicure today just for you. I picked out this beautiful shade of ruby red polish because I knew that it would drive you absolutely wild. Red is such a sexual color. Your heart rate is racing already, isn’t it?

My son isn’t home right now. Why don’t you come in and wait for him? I’m walking around on the plush white carpet completely barefoot. Watch me twirl the carpet strands with my sexy toes. Your rapidly stiffening dick is betraying what an extreme foot fetish you have. Do you want to feel how silky smooth my feet are? Such a silly question when I can tell that you clearly do. Just take a little feel, that won’t hurt anything at all. Sit down on the sofa and I’ll lift my bare, freshly pedicured feet onto your lap.

I’m going to lift one foot right up to your face and slide my toes across your lips. Go ahead, take a little suck into your mouth and feel how incredibly soft they are. Your young cock throbs like crazy when you suck on my toes like that. You can’t help but wonder what my feet would feel like on another part of your body. Here, let me help you out of those pants. Don’t think about the fact that I’m your best friend’s mom. Just focus on how incredible my feet feel on your face.

Now it’s time for the foot job of your life.

I’m going to take my time, slowly rubbing my toes against your full balls. Now you’re beginning to see why mature sex is so very incredible. I know how badly you want to feel my feet on your cock but you’re going to have to wait. After I tease those balls, I slide my big toe slowly around the head of your cock. It’s so swollen with need. The second my toe touches your throbbing head, a big drop of pre-cum oozes right out. I scoop it up with my toe and then bring it right up to my mouth. You almost cum right on the spot while you watch me suck that pre-cum right off my own toes.

Right when you think you can’t possibly wait another second, the time comes. I wrap my soft sexy feet right about that pulsating shaft. Pumping up and down with my feet I can hear your breath coming faster and faster. You can’t hold back the moans coming out of your mouth as your balls begin to fill up for me. You’re getting bigger and harder and I can tell that you’re on the verge of erupting. I can’t wait to see those hot sticky streams of cum exploding out of you and bursting onto my beautiful feet. It’s going to look so incredible covering them.

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