He Came To Work But, but I Made Him Cum

There was nothing I could do about it. I could see the imprint of Mr. Olsen’s cock through his pants. I couldn’t stop my pussy from creaming with cum and throbbing as he stood directly in front of me in the office meeting that day.

Mr. Olsen was my Dad’s business partner so he was like an uncle to me. He hired me to be his personal assistant for a while. I couldn’t help the way I felt about him. He was sexy to me as a young girl but DAMN did he look good in that business suit while he commanded the room. I don’t if he noticed me licking my lips or licking my pen with my tongue, but the body language that I was speaking in that conference room only said one thing, “Fuck Me!”

He started to blush as he saw my nipples poking through my blouse. They were at full attention. The crossing and re-crossing of my legs made my pussy throb. My pussy was hungry and needed to be fed by the thick stick that I saw bulging from Mr. Olsen’s pants. All I could think of was being laid on that fucking conference room table and being fucked and used by the man that I had been crushing on all of my life.

After the little pep talk he gave to the other employees he dismissed the meeting.

He told me to stay behind for some “important information” he needed to pass along to me. After everyone had left and while Mr. Olsen was erasing the notes from the dry-erase board, I removed my panties and bent over the table with my ass facing him. When he turned around he got a big surprise.

Before I left my house that morning, I had my roommate write “PUNISH ME” across my soft, round, supple ass. It was meant for Mr. Olsen. I knew that I had to have him that day. When he saw those words scribbled across my ass his mouth dropped. That’s when I made my confession. While looking over my shoulder and pulsating my pussy and asshole for him to see I said, “Mr. Olsen, I was unable to complete all of my tasks from yesterday because I couldn’t stop thinking about your cock in my holes. What are you going to do about it?”

What happened next was one of the best experiences of MY LIFE! Can’t wait to tell you ALL THE WAYS Mr. Olsen taught me the BEST LESSON OF MY LIFE!

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