Working out is something I love. It is good for me, and I feel amazing afterward. Of course, it is also keeping me smoking hot. I have a new luxury gym fuck buddy too.

Joining this gym was such a great perk. It has all the usual amenities and some you don’t even think about at a gym. One thing is for sure, most of the guys love helping me.

Every time I am working out, at least one or more men are there to guide me. And, even though I don’t need their help, I humor them. Most of them are connected to a wealthy wife.

Including my new luxury gym fuck buddy.

However, with him, it is so worth taking the risk. He is such a fantastic guy, and I love how helpful and sexy he is at the same time. Initially, I just liked spending time with him.

Now, things are starting to heat up between us. Jack is his name, and he is quite wealthy. It turns out he is some tech genius. All I know is he makes my barely legal pussy wet. 

The first time my new gym fuck buddy is helping me, I find myself getting hot and tingly around him. I like this gym and don’t want issues with any wives, so I kept my cool around him. 

However, now, I can’t resist him and his sexy body.

Furthermore, he gives all the signals that he is into me. So, today, I gently rub against him as we are working out. Enough that he knows it was on purpose.

Jack is looking at me with pure desire. We work out, and after, he invites me for a coffee. Of course, I say yes. At the coffee shop, we can be more open with each other.

My new luxury gym fuck buddy is completely honest about his attraction to me. I share that I feel the same way and ask what we are going to do about it. He asks me if I am ready for more.

I tell my new luxury gym fuck buddy I am ready to have some fun with him!

“Let me get us a hotel room,” he offers. I readily agree, and we are off to the swanky hotel for some hot fun. This man gets us an amazing room, and I love the bed.

The minute we get into the room, I start kissing him. He is ready as well. Jack strips off my clothes and moves me towards the bedroom. I tell him we should fuck all over the suite.

Jack is luxe with everything, and he is a fantastic luxury gym fuck buddy. From the start, he is attentive as a lover. Of course, I am a wild slut and have to reel it in with him.

I will have plenty of time to show him my kinky side.

He is kissing my entire body and using his masterful hands as well. I am putty in his firm grip and let him seduce me. Finally, he is ready to enter me for the first time. 

Jack has a nice cock, and it feels so good sliding deep into my pussy. This is going to be a lot of fun! We spend the entire day at the hotel fucking and making love. 

Afterward, we say good night, and my new luxury gym fuck buddy tells me that he will see me tomorrow at the gym. He kisses me deeply as we part ways, and I know I am doing the right thing.

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