Because I play with wealthy people, I am now a member of a luxury gym. Thrillingly, that means luxe gym flirting fun for this naughty girl. I am not the one starting the flirting this time, though.

I am not looking for it. When I start working out, it seems that men are falling over themselves to help me. Especially the married men—those guys love to help me work out.

Honestly, I think they enjoy watching my body up close as I use the machines. They are as perverted as me! That makes them my kind of guys. Because of this, I am flirting back a bit.

A little luxe gym flirting fun is good for everyone.

I love working out here every day. So far, it has been a bunch of different guys. Although, today and yesterday, one guy in particular was helping me a lot.

He is wearing a wedding ring, so I know he is married. Mostly, he is just being friendly. Of course, he is checking out my hot coed body working out, too—a few minor quips to sneak in some flirting here and there.

Honestly, I think luxe gym flirting fun is their thing here. Who am I to judge them? I am a kinky cum slut most days. I love all kinds of wild sexual adventures. What I do regularly puts these guys to shame.

Well, for all I know, that is.

They could have their own senior swing club. Oh, I would love to have an invitation to visit that! That is just my imagination running wild, so I am pretty sure they do not have one. Haha.

These guys are happily married and just love luxe gym flirting fun with a pretty young lady here and there.  I have provided the latest opportunity to show off their old courting skills.

The guy from yesterday and today, Jack, was pretty hot. He is at least in his forties and in great shape. I love the way he holds onto me when he shows me how to use the equipment.

Admittedly, his luxe gym flirting fun affected me, and my little kitty got wet around him.

With the other guys, I just treat them like nice old guys. But with Jack, something is different. His body language or the way I connect with him. Fuck, I don’t even know what it is!

All I know is this guy is sexy, and I am flirting back just a bit. I do not want to make waves as a new member, so I keep it low-key.

Unlike the other men, he also kept it low-key with me. Something tells me Jack is looking at me for something more than luxe gym flirting fun. Of course, I am not sure about that yet.

Here I am again starting my workout, and here comes Jack.

He is working the same circuit I am on. Together we are going through, and he guides me on the machines. As we exercise, we flirt. I realize this may become something more than here at the gym.

I know my pussy wants something more as it is getting so wet around him. Only time will tell.

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