Son Lusts for his Mommy

He couldn’t stop staring at Mommy and her huge tits. He couldn’t stop stroking his cock watching her touch her body in the shower. He’s hot for Mommy. He couldn’t help it. His mom was always the one to make him feel loved. She was his biggest fan. She came to all of his baseball games and track meets and cheered him on to the finish line. There was nothing like the thrill of victory when mom would give him a big hug and kiss and tell him that he was wonderful. But one night his team lost and that’s when mom made him feel extra special.

Mom knew how bad he felt about losing the game so she took him on a special night out the day after the game. “Come on honey, let’s go to our house on the lake, just you and me”, and kissed him gently on the cheek. “I’ll cook all of your favorite food and we can go hiking and swimming together. Ok?” He couldn’t wait to go. He knew this would be the time he needed to follow through on all of his kinky fantasies. The first day they settled in and went on a hike. After the hike, Mommy fixed his favorite meal. “How about a swim?”, Mommy asked.

“But I forgot my swim trunks, Mommy”, he answered.

“That’s alright. We can go skinny dipping.” And she took off her shirt and bra and shook her tits in his face. His cock started to get hard. She ran outside toward the water stripping her clothes off one by one until she was totally naked. She called back to him, “The last one in is a rotten egg”, and leaped in. He ran to her and stood at the peer stripping off his clothes as he stared at her naked body in the water. Standing there totally naked with his cock hard as a rock he stared at Mommy and stroked it for her. Mommy licked her lips and said, “Cum for me baby and squirt it right here”, as she opened her mouth wide.

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