A Lustful Lesbian Lunchbreak with a Stranger Makes the Day Fly!

Exactly how does one stumble into a lustful lesbian lunchbreak with a stranger?  Well, first of all, they are a dime a dozen.  But, it’s always been a willful decision for me since everyone knows I’m strictly DICKly.  Okay.  Mostly.  lol.

I was out shopping for my boyfriend’s birthday present when a statuesque redhead bumped into me at Neiman’s.  I turned around, a little annoyed and found myself staring eyeball to nipples at a magnificent pair of 44DD breasts; that by all appearances were, or
appeared to be natural.  She leaned down and put her lips to my ear as she said, “I’m going to eat your pussy so good, you’ll think it was born in my mouth.” What the FUCK?

Did I even have time for a lustful lesbian lunchbreak?

Stunned, I looked her up and down.  Her breasts were magnificent, but so was the rest of her…she was about 6’4″ in her “cum fuck me” red high heels and looked as if she could make good on her promise.  Normally, I would have told her to fuck off, but something about the look in her eyes, her incredible body, and I hadn’t been fucked in a week and was horny as hell made me say “Prove it, bitch.”
She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the store, pushed me into a cab, and within 10 minutes we were in a gorgeous penthouse apartment.  She led me into the master bedroom and tossed me onto her king-sized, four-poster bed.  Taking my clothes off she pushed me down and started kissing my neck, shoulders, and breasts.  Working her way down, she slid her tongue deep inside my pussy, deeper in fact than any tongue had ever gone.  This bitch must be part chameleon because she had the longest tongue I’d ever seen, felt or imagined.  Within minutes a small but powerful orgasm had poured out of my tight little pussy.

So, this was a lustful lesbian lunchbreak, huh?

“I knew you needed that, Joey.” She smirked at me, my juices glistening on her face.  She continued eating my pussy, her tongue ravaging my clit like it owed her money.  So distracted was I that before I knew it, she had my arms tied up to the corners of her bed.   “What the hell…” I said as I tugged on the ropes to no avail.  My struggles just made her eat me faster, deeper, and even better.  I could feel another orgasm building inside me and started to grind my hips against that awesome tongue.  Smiling, she raised her head and looked at me…”Not so fast, Joey…” as she backed away from me and started to take off her clothes.
“How do you know my name?” I asked.
“I know a lot about you, Josette, and you just made me $5,000.” Naked now, I could see her tits were indeed real, and they were as perfect as the rest of her.  She has narrow hips and a traffic-stopping ass, her pussy was hidden behind a full bush of fiery red hair.  She reached down and pulled a rope up from each corner of the foot of the bed, wrapping the ends around each of my ankles.

A lustful lesbian lunchbreak can go very wrong…

“What the fuck are you talking about, and why are you tying me up? I didn’t agree with any of this bondage bullshit.”
“But, I was paid for this, you little whore!”, she said as she walked over to the closet and opened the door.  Inside, naked and stroking his 10″ cock was my boyfriend, Dwight. Moving back to the bed and burying her face between my thighs, she said “Dwight bet me $5,000 that you would turn me down.  He lost.”  And with that, she resumed eating me out.  I have nothing against the big CUM; but let me want it on my own first!  Therefore,  I played along.  By the same token, she had a fabulous tongue!

A lustful lesbian lunchbreak with an accomplice? Hmmm.

Watching Dwight as he came up behind the redhead, stroking his cock, I knew this was payback for forgetting his birthday.  He had a big grin on his face as he stood right behind her and looked at me with lust and passion in his eyes.  So, grinding my hips on her face; torn between anger and lust, I squirted all over her.

Shhhh. I may or may NOT have filmed a FREE SEX VIDEO! Giggle.

Judging from the moan she let out into my slippery hole, he was slamming into her ass.  I think his cock up her ass made her tongue harder. God, it felt great.  Dwight shoved that massive cock into the slut’s snatch while I was riding her face like a fucking bronco made me have one of the best orgasms of my life!  So, while grabbing a handful of her hair, Dwight yanked her head back and shoved three fingers inside her; while continuing to pound her ass. However, as she came, Dwight yanked his cock out of her ass and, in short, he stuffed it all the way down her greedy throat.

A couple of quick pumps and he proceeded to fuck me as if I owed him money.

Dwight slammed into me; his balls bruising my pussy lips. He moaned as he filled me with his hot, creamy cum; shooting so much that it dribbled out of my throbbing girly-bits.
You know, I never even learned her name?  I searched for her for weeks after. But, in the end I can’t just wait around.  Why not let me play with you and YOUR Lasy instead? Just you and me, and that’s all that’s needed for some hot phone sex here at the kingdom of filthy wet dreams!!
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