My stepson Johnny had just started dating Felicia before Christmas.  He brought her over to the house very often and I thought she was a really sweet girl.  On top of being a sweet girl, she was also incredibly gorgeous.  I admit I felt lust for her every time I saw her. She had pale blonde hair, light blue eyes and a gorgeous and sexy mouth.   She was tall and thin but she typically wore baggy shirts and jeans so I was unable to tell what sort of body she had.  I was so curious to find out and I finally got my chance.

One evening, Johnny invited Felicia and a group of friends to come over to watch a movie.  It was a slasher film and Felicia hated those so she came into the upstairs family room where I was reading a book.  She knocked shyly on the door and I invited her to come in and join me.    We chatted about the upcoming holiday.

“Johnny is taking me to his company’s holiday party.”  she told me, sounding excited.  “It’s going to be at the Hilton Hotel.  It’s supposed to be really fancy.”

“Should be fun.”  I said, “What are you going to wear?”

She shook her head.  “I don’t know yet.  I am trying to save up my tip money from work to buy something really nice but so far I only have $40.”  

I waved my hand, dismissively.  “Don’t bother spending your money.  I think you and I are about the same size.  Come with me to my closet and choose anything you want to borrow.”

Her eyes widened and a huge smile spread on her face.  “Really? Are you serious?  That would be awesome!”

“Of course!”  I took her hand and led her into my bedroom.  After perusing my dresses for a while, she pulled out a simple black and very elegant dress.  She stood in front of my full length mirror and held it in front of her body.

“That’s perfect.  Try it on.”  I said.

“Where?  Here?”  she asked, sounding unsure.  

“Yes, of course.  Let’s see how it fits.  Oh, and it’s very form fitting.  If you are wearing panties, you’ll have really bad lines.  Just take them off for the full effect.”  I said this as casually as possible, trying very hard not to reveal my intentions.  

She paused for a minute, then started to undress.  She took off her flannel shirt and to my surprise, she was wearing a very pretty hot pink bra.  I expected some sort of sports bra.  She pulled her jeans off to reveal matching hot pink panties.  Thank goodness, they were bikini, thus my concern about panty lines was justified.  

“It’s a backless dress.  You’ll need to remove the bra as well, honey.”  i said.  “Honey” sounded very maternal, I thought.   She nodded her head obediently and unhooked her bra.  She glanced at me and her cheeks reddened slightly as she stepped out of her panties.  

I have to tell you that I am extremely proud of the fact that I had a very aloof, casual and almost bored look on my face as I watched her.  Inside I was trying to contain my excitement at being able to look at her glorious body.  Her skin was pale and it looked as soft as velvet.  Her breasts were barely B cups but so perky and perfectly formed.  Her nipples were pale and slightly puffy.  Her stomach was flat and very defined, her hips were slightly round.  Her ass was fantastic.  It was round and firm and absolute perfection.  But the best part was her pussy.  She was a natural blonde, I discovered. Her pussy hair was only a shade or so darker than her pale blonde hair.  It was the prettiest little bush I had ever seen.  

My heart began to pound and I shifted on the chair that I was sitting on in a very casual manner as if young ladies undressed in front of me all day long.  My clit was quivering and I wanted so much to rub my pussy and cum on my hand.  But I contained myself.  

She pulled the dress on and by this time I couldn’t care less what she looked like in it, but as she turned and modeled for me, I saw that it was perfect on her.  She smiled, pleased with her choice.

I gave her a very mom-like thumbs up.  “Looks great!”  I said.  “You’ll be the best looking girl there.”  She turned and looked at herself in every angle and I stood up.

“Take your time here, sweetie.  I’m going to use the ladies room and get back to my novel.  Feel free to join me in the family room once you’re dressed.”

She thanked me as I walked out of the room and I practically ran into the bathroom.  I locked the door, pulled my yoga pants down to my knees and began to rub  my wet and throbbing clit.  It took less than 10 seconds before I orgasmed and it was so intense that I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out.  

I knew that I would masturbate to the memory of her perfect body for months and months, but what I didn’t know is that after the holiday party, she would return to my house, drunk and horny and ready for some girl on girl action.  But that’s a story for another time…

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