My girlfriend and I are secretly cheating married lesbians!

Sometimes I feel ashamed that my girlfriend and I are cheating married lesbians. I feel somewhat responsible at times because I caused her mind to “go there”. Becky used to be such a good girl and still is in my eyes. I sometimes wonder if the hunger was under her skin the entire time. But, I still feel most of the blame for corrupting her so long ago. I had no idea that taking her shopping for her first set of sex toys would change everything and we would become cheating married lesbians.

I’ll never forget that day so long ago when I took Becky shopping. That first sex toy was the beginning of the end for her. After that, Becky just wanted to play with her vibrator and started to neglect her boyfriend.

Sometimes I would feel so bad for him. He tried so hard to get her in bed and she, of course, would oblige but it was not the same. He knew he couldn’t really perform for her in the way she expected. To be honest he was not that manly but I was never going to say or do anything about that. That was for them to figure out.

Many years later they eventually got married.

After so long, I never thought the day would finally arrive. Many of us begged Becky not to go through with the marriage, we knew she would regret it.

There were times he felt threatened by how close we were and he would say he didn’t mind other friends around but not me. However, this went in one ear and out the other. Becky and I loved each other in a way and no one could make me fucking cum harder than she did. Becky had this magic tongue that could make me sing choruses higher than my ears would permit. She would often use that to her advantage at times to get her way and oh, did it work so well.

Before they tied the knot, Becky and I snuck off together!

In my heart, I believed we would forever be cheating married lesbians who would sneak off together. I’m not sure why our men felt threatened by another girl! We still loved our men, but sometimes we wanted more than what a cock could give.

The day before their wedding, we booked a room and had a party for two. We made such passionate love as we kissed and licked each other into sweet bliss. Becky tasted so good, I just wanted to eat her pussy till the sun came up. She loved diving under the covers with her fingers and tongue ready to drink every ounce of cum from my pussy.

They got married but I knew there would still be more to come!

A wedding wasn’t going to stop us from seeing one another. During the ceremony, she kept looking over at me. Everyone thought we looked at one another for reassurance. My eyes reassured her of a lovemaking session to follow.

During the reception, Becky started to feel hot and light-headed. I offered to help Becky to the honeymoon suite to help her out of her dress. I steadied Becky and walked her to the elevator. Once in the elevator and the doors finally closed, we passionately started kissing. My hands started untying as much of the dress as possible so when we finally got to the room the undressing would be faster.

Two cheating married lesbians forever!

Once we got into the room, the dress came off quickly. We fell on the bed and continued kissing one another. I stripped off Becky’s panties and bra. The panties were already so wet. I loved tasting them.

Time was of the essence, so I dove down there to take care of the fountain of wetness that poured out of her pussy. I licked and tasted her juice on my tongue. Becky took off my panties and we ate each other at the same time. Her tongue was as good as I remembered. We promised another meeting soon. Being married wasn’t going to stop us from a secret meeting.

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