First of all, thank you guys so much! My phone has been non stop, and I wish I could talk to more of you at once! I also have to thank the lucky caller Cody from the other day. As you guys know, I am pretty good about remembering you and as we get to know each other, we can talk about anything in the world. It was with one of these regulars that I got caught between both worlds…

We were on the phone, and he was telling me about all that was going on in his life- a promotion at work, new car, and some new girlfriend prospects. I was helping him and giving my honest advice, when my fiance came in. I had been in enough trouble lately, so this time I was wearing the new Jade Green silk robe he got me. It was tied, but loosely, and although you couldn’t see through it, my 32G tits were sticking out, and my big nipples could cut glass. I wasn’t required to have knickers on, so I didn’t, and the belt was loosely tied. He was also home early, so he couldn’t be mad at me for being on a call.
So as I spoke to you, Cody, I stretched out on the couch. Norman went in the bedroom to get out of his work clothes, and I forgot he was there. You started telling me about his last date, and as I listened my fingers absent mindedly traveled down to my pussy. She was already a little sore from cumming so many times that day, but you knew how to make her wet. So I put my head back, closed my eyes, and let you get me all hot and bothered.
Suddenly, I was knocked out of my trance by a hand on my tit! It seemed Norman was in a playful mood. He stood behind my head, and bent forward, opening my robe, and exposing my tits. I had to bite my lip as he pinched and twisted. I moaned a little, and when you asked why, Norman gave me the “Shhhh!” sign, and I told you I liked what you said. Norman then bent down and kissed my sensitive nipples. I was enjoying, but I’m not used to being quiet! He knew this, and that’s why it was torture.
He then moved again, and spread my legs. Without warning, he dove down and started eating my pussy like a starving dog. Now I held his head with one hand and the phone to my ear with the other. I was having a lot of trouble focusing and you almost thought I was ignoring you. Finally, when I was close to cumming, I let out a huge moan and grabbed Norman’s hair. You asked me again what I was doing, and I said cumming, and screamed an orgasm. You asked if your story did it, because you didn’t think it was that exciting, and you lived it…lol
I had to admit you were right, and it wasn’t you, but my fiance, and I told you what he did, hoping you wouldn’t be mad. Quite the opposite though, you loved it, and begged me to put you on speaker as he fucked me. Well I asked him, and he just grinned. I took the phone, hit the speaker button and asked if you could hear. You said yes, and asked if Norman was there. He just made a grunt, and let me know he didn’t want to speak. I let you know and you were fine with that.
Then, he stood me up, took off my robe, and bent me over the couch. I told you everything as it happened. He took his cock that I love so much, and shoved it right inmy wet pussy. I asked if you heard it, and you told me you heard the sloshing AND the skin slapping. He took long hard strokes, and short grinding ones. He even grabbed me by my hair, and I screamed in pleasure. Then, he slowed down and stopped for a minute. I caught my breath just in time to feel him line my asshole up to his cock head. I was mostly dry, but my pussy juice made a good lube.
He pushed forward fast and hard, and it hurt so badly, but also felt so good. He thrust in and out in long, fast strokes, and I had trouble speaking. All I could do was whimper and moan. Finally, he dug his nails in my ass cheeks, and I knew he was close to cumming. So was I, and he waited, balls deep in my ass, until my pussy flooded him, and gushed cum. At that signal, his balls released a flood of cum up my ass. I knew we hadn’t fucked for a few days, but this felt like a river he dumped in me. When he pulled out, I felt cum drench my pussy and run down my leg. He scooped a fingerful up and fed it to me. It tasted wonderful, and you listened as I swallowed it and then cleaned his cock off.
You were so wonderful, you told me to take a minute to catch my breath. I did, and Norman went to clean up. You thanked me, and told me you came twice listening to me, and I actually blushed. I promised you next time I would listen more carefully, and you begged if next time you could just listen again, you really were a lucky caller!
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