Loving Girlfriend Experience: I Can Make You Feel Like It’s The Real Thing

Loving girlfriend experience? I got that for you. If what you want is someone to talk to, and listen, and laugh with then I am right here for you, baby. I’m a dream come true.

You’ve had a rough day at work and you need someone who is going to just listen to your problems and laugh with you about the most random things. So, you find me on the PSK website and you decide to set up a call. You’re already intrigued by my sweet voice and giggle. And it makes you super excited to get to know me.

We start by talking about our physical stuff, height, weight, etc. And then you start asking questions about me. I tell you everything that you want to know about me! And you just can’t get enough of me.

We talk a bit longer and you start to feel more at ease and happy with the conversation, you were a bit of a skeptic at first. And now you and I are laughing about our favorite television shows. You haven’t been this comfortable with another person in a while. And you are so happy you are spending time with me!

We talk for a while longer and finally get to the naughty stuff.

You ask what I’m into and I tell you I love spanking, blow jobs, mutual masturbation, and roleplaying. Immediately you’re turned on knowing how much I love spanking and blowjobs. So, you describe coming home to me… and punishing me for not washing the dishes.

You come home and see that I have not washed the dishes in the sink. And your day has been stressful and long and you aren’t in the mood for this nonsense. You come to the bedroom to find me just scrolling through my Twitter on my phone. You say “Kitten, did you not do the dishes like I had asked you to?”

I sit up and say “No. I didn’t. Sorry… I’ll get to them.” You don’t take my brattiness too lightly and tell me to stand up. So, I do and you sit on the edge of the bed and tell me to bend over your knee.

And of course, I know what’s coming… this isn’t the first time I’ve been in trouble with you. You run your hand over my ass and then you lift my skirt. Seeing I’m wearing a thong you should have no problem really getting my ass red.

You give me a good spank right on my right ass cheek. I squeal and say “Ow! That really hurt!” But you give me another good spank on the other cheek. I stand up and adjust my skirt in a huff and you tell me to get on my knees like a good girl.

You stand up and pull down your pants.

“Now, suck my cock as a good girl should.” I obey and start to suck your cock as if my life depended on it. You enjoy every lick, suck, and gag I have to offer your hard cock. And I can’t help but drool all over it.

Of course, you don’t want to cum in my mouth so you pull me up and toss me onto the bed and pull my skirt up and force me to my hands and knees. I wiggle my ass at you and you pull my thong to the side and shove your cock deep into my wet, tight pussy. Moaning loudly I say “Oh, daddy! Yes!”

And you spank me and make me cum hard all over your cock. And within a few minutes, you can’t help but cum inside of me. We lie down in bed, my pussy dripping with your cum and you pull me close to your body. You kiss me on the neck and wrap your fingers in mine.

I tell you “I love you so much,” and you say the same. It’s exactly what you wanted it to be when you called and you can’t get enough of it. You have to call me back for more of the loving girlfriend experience you had.

For more of the best phone sex you have ever had, give me a call!