Stinging and pleasurable. I love the feel of a man’s hand on my ass cheek, caressing it softly. Then a sudden loud slap. The sting of it, the heat coming off of the welt, the red handprint on my ass, the possibility of a bruise for others to see I have been a bad girl. You can make me your little bitch and I will purr like a kitten when you spank me. Show me who is the master and who is your little fucktoy. Show me how you will take me and spank me until I cry. Come on, show me now.


I can’t explain the joy I get from getting spanked. It’s almost empowering how much I love it. The thrill of the pain, the look on the guy’s face, the hard fucking I will get if I do exactly what he tells me to do! But, you may think I am just a little, scared sub bitch. You actually are doing what I want you to. I am using you for pain and pleasure. It’s a complete mindfuck. I turn into a bad little girl and you get so angry at me that you need to spank me. But, I planned it all. Every. Single. Bit. From how I am bad to how you will fuck me. I planned it all out in an elaborate scheme in my head.

You think “Oh, Bailey is doing what I want. This is fucking great.”

When in the first place I was the one who planted the seed about you dominating me. Who is to say that I am not the one who is dominating? Fucking your mind up with my little plans. You like that, don’t you? Do you want to spank me more? Spank me a lot harder? Ha… good. That’s exactly how I want you. Full of rage! Who knows what you might do to me?! Oh… I do. I am your goddess no matter how much you think you are my god. You’re MY fucktoy. Silly boy, thinking you’re so special. You think I am so sweet and caring. I just want a good spanking and fucking, then I am done with you.

You’re sitting there, just scratching your head thinking, “This bitch is crazy. Why would she do that?” The answer is simple. Men are my playthings. Once I have you thinking I am your little slave… I will turn it around and humiliate you. Make you wear my panties, dress you up like the little sissy that you are, make you watch me fuck another guy right in front of you.. or just have you suck the guys’ cock for me. You know you secretly want it. You want to be my little bitch. So, let’s play the game. xoxo

Ageplay Phone Sex