I Really Loved To Tease Him

I’ve been called a tease more than once in my life. And once in a while I think I’ve taken it too far. And last week I paid for taking things too far. My roommate is a nice looking guy and he often has women troubles since his looks attract all kinds of women. And he usually has his pick and sometimes he makes not the best choices.And I’ve often teased him about his odd ladies. I’ve walked around wrapped in a towel when he’s having a dry spell to tease him. And he tells me not to do that and I laugh as I walk out of the room. And let my towel slip accidentally for his benefit and he yells at me.

He’d been dumped by a girl he’d gotten caught cheating on. Which he does all the time. But this time he got caught and I was being a tease as usual.And I said what did you expect? You run around on all these women and once in a while you’re going to get burned. He was not in a good mood and had in fact come home. And was drunk and feeling sorry for himself. I was nattering away at him as usual and had just come out of the shower. And was going back into my room, not even bothering with the towel. So he was standing in my door.And he said I must really want his cock since I was always being a tease. And I said nah, I just like to get a rise out of you and make you feel stupid.

He Pushed Me Back On The Bed

Gisele Towel Tease

He walked into the bedroom and pushed me back on the bed naked and was right on top of me. I could smell and taste the beer on him when he pressed his mouth against mine. And he soon had my legs splayed open wide and was fumbling with his zipper. And then shoving his cock into me. There was no way I could fight him, he was a lot bigger and stronger than me. And so I just laid there and allowed him to fuck me by force. He was pretty drunk and I didn’t want him to hurt me. So I figured just best to lay there and not doing anything to get him more angry.

He then put my legs over his shoulders and was fucking me really hard and deep. And in that position, there was no way I couldn’t feel his cock rub against my clit with every thrust. And I was soon feeling like I might have an orgasm even though I didn’t wasn’t to be doing this. I guess being a tease can come back and bite you if you aren’t careful. And this was one of those times. I soon came on his cock. And he pulled out and shot his load all over my stomach and tits.I was a cum covered mess and he just walked out and left me there. I went and got back in the shower t wash up. I think I should keep my being a tease to myself from now on.

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