I saw a movie recently and it had a scene in it that reminded me of something from my teens. I was looking through my sisters closet looking for something and I knew I shouldn’t since she’d warned me to keep my hands off of her clothes before, but I was going to a party and thought I could “borrow” something without her knowing about it. My parents were away for the night and trusted us to be good. That didn’t last long. I was in her walk in closet when all of a sudden I heard my sister and her boyfriend come in her room and I knew I’d be in trouble for being in there, so I just turned off the light and stayed still, not knowing what to do. I thought she was just going to walk back out in a minute and say goodnight to him, but with the parents away, she was going to take full advantage and I heard her bed creak as they laid down on it. I was trapped in there. I could hear them kissing and heavy breathing and went closer to the keyhole and could see them. She had a bedside lamp on and I could see everything, and I was in the darkened closet looking. They got undressed and he was sucking on her nipples and fingering her pussy, I could hear the wetness sounds as her cunt was being rubbed. I’d never seen an erect cock before but I got an eyeful that night let me tell you. She got down on the floor in front of him and took that big cock in her mouth. I was getting very turned on watching this less than 6 feet away. I’d been masturbating for years of course, but had never seen anything like this. I reached my hand into my panties and started to rub my clit as I watched her give him a juicy blow job and then he laid her on the bed and started licking her pussy. I could hear her moaning as he kissed and licked her cunt as I rubbed mine, trying to be quiet so they wouldn’t hear me. He got on top of her and started fucking her, plunging his cock inside as she wrapped her legs around him. I had to bite my lip to keep quiet as I quickly rubbed my clit watching through the door. He came inside of her and not long after he left and she fell asleep. Once I heard her snoring around another 30 minutes later, I quietly crawled out on my hands and knees to my room and masturbated a couple of times more that night just thinking about it .I was becoming a voyeur.! It was so hot that I would hide out in her closet all the time when I knew my sister was going to sneak a guy in her room. I was  addicted to watching couples have sex from that time on .I even convinced some of my boyfriends  to join me watching my sister suck and fuck at the same time I would be sitting on their cock or giving them a blow job . What can I say? I am Voyeur ! Ask me all about my adventures while peeking !


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