I Love Those Teeny Weensy Pee Pees, SPH All Day!

Bring on those tiny mousy peckers, Veronica loves SPH!! Heheheh I just love those baby cocks….why? Because they’re so fucking cute! I love the fact that I can fit the whole cock AND balls in my tight warm mouth! Most women talk about how much bigger is better, but not this naughty slut…I love em tiny! Having the pleasure of laughing and making fun of a teeny-weeny, makes me very happy. I firmly believe that a happy naughty vixen is a GOOD naughty vixen. I love to be mean and act like the brat I can be….those little cocks are so much fun!

One of my most favorite things to do is to humiliate the shit out of those big guys, with really small dicks! I love to get on my knees, stick my face right in front of that little cock and laugh. I like to laugh to the point that the breath from my laugh grazes your cock and makes that little guy stand straight up at attention! While he’s up it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for me to just to him, almost as if he’s like a pet of mine or a little vienna sausage that I am about to devour.

Right as I see that little bead of precum drip out, I’d grab you behind your thick thighs and just shove my mouth around your teeny cock and balls!

Teehehehehe I just think they’re so cute and I love when they’re nicely shaved and kept up. The BIG moans you make, in comparison to your LITTLE package, is really funny to me, I just can’t help myself.
Once you blow that teeny thimble sized load in my mouth, I look up at you and laugh my fucking ass off. Just when you think the fun is over, is right when the real fun and humiliation will begin! When you call me, I will tell you every single detail of what will happen, should I have the opportunity to humiliate you and that teeny cock of yours!

Teen Phone Sex!