Taunting Daddy With My Smoking Hot Body

Last week, I told you how much I love teasing daddy with my smoking hot body. Mom was home more often now and all I could do was flash him and taunt him with my naughty bits. But, I felt sorry for daddy. I just knew he had blue balls from all the teasing. So, I had an idea when I came home in the afternoon and he was napping on the couch. I wanted to give daddy what he desired even if it meant getting caught. I just didn’t care anymore. Honestly, his stiffy popping up from his shorts was probably strongly influencing my sexual urges. Daddy has one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever had and it’s impossible for me to resist. So, I decided not to anymore. 

I knew mom was doing some cleaning around the house and I didn’t know where she’d turn up next. It was very risky doing what I was about to do. But, I was going to do it anyway and worry about the consequences later. So, I knelt my smoking hot body down next to daddy, still sound asleep…

I’m Your Wet Dream

I gently unzipped his pants and noticed a wet spot on his boxers. Daddy had a wet dream! And I just knew he was dreaming about my smoking hot body. I pulled down daddy’s boxers and that’s when he woke up, with my hand around his cock. He looked around, paranoid that mom was going to walk in at any moment. But, I whispered to him that I knew he’d been dreaming about me, then showed him his mess. When I said I was going to clean him up, his cock stiffened immediately. 

I took the full length of his massive cock down my throat. As quietly as possible, I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. Suddenly, we heard a noise down the hall. He looked over his shoulder and tried to push me away from his cock but I kept him in my mouth. Then I pulled down my top and my bare titties bounced out. He gave in and let me keep sucking his cock. He couldn’t resist the sight of my smoking hot body even if mom walked in. 

Giving Daddy My Smoking Hot Body

I put my big titties around daddy’s cock and let him titty fuck me while I still had his cock in my mouth. I thought he was going to cum right then. But, I needed that cum inside me. It had been way too long since I got his load!

That’s when I pulled my top off and dropped my little shorts. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. After weeks of resisting each other, daddy finally got to see my smoking hot body again. I straddled daddy and eased myself down on his massive cock. It took all I had not to scream like I usually do. I rode daddy’s cock so hard as he grabbed my hips, guiding me. 

Another noise down the hall scared us, but I kept riding. I whispered to daddy to cum inside me. That’s when he pinched my nipples hard and he unloaded inside my tight twat. I was riding so fast and furious I squirted all over daddy. He loved it!


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