I Love Teasing Daddy Relentlessly!

Daddy and I love to be naughty and play whenever we can. But mom has been working from home more often lately and just ruining our fun. We just haven’t been able to play as much as we wanted to lately. Because of that, there has been so much pent-up sexual tension between us! I know we are both going crazy with lust and horny as hell. On a typical day, mom would usually leave for work early and daddy and I would have some hot steamy sex before he left for work. Since mom was home all the time now, we’d just have to resist each other and it was killing us. But that didn’t stop me from having a little fun with him. I absolutely love teasing daddy and torturing him with my drop-dead sexy body. 

Torturing Daddy With My Body

First, I started torturing daddy by not wearing a bra around the house. I knew mom wouldn’t think anything of it or probably even notice. But, I knew for sure daddy would notice. He loves sucking on my huge tits, so I knew letting the girls bounce around would tease the hell out of him. 

So, I wore some short shorts, a halter top that showed off my flat stomach, and let the naughty twins loose. Then I went into the kitchen, where daddy was having his lunch, to make myself something to eat. I walked quickly and with a big sway of my hips like I was on the catwalk. Of course, daddy looked up as I came in and noticed that my tits were free. He kept his eyes on me the entire time I was putting my meal together. I love teasing daddy and getting all his attention!

Daddy was mesmerized as my big tits jiggled everywhere. I just know he wanted to come over and put his hands underneath my halter top but he had to resist. Mom could walk in at any moment. So, to tease him more, I reached up to a high cabinet with the halter top showing off my under-boobs. Just then mom walked in…

I Love Teasing Daddy Behind Mom’s Back

Mom didn’t notice daddy practically drooling over me. When she had her head in the fridge I turned to daddy and quickly flashed my big tits. Daddy reached down and grabbed his cock. I couldn’t see but I knew he was hard as a rock. Later that night, before going out I flashed him again. I wore a cute dress and flashed him my bare pussy and ass before leaving the house. I knew that he probably had blue balls from all the teasing lately. 

So, the next afternoon, when I saw that he was taking a nap on the couch, I decided to make it up to him. 

Next week, in Part Two, I’ll tell you about how daddy and I couldn’t resist each other anymore and eventually give in to our sexual urges. 


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