I Love Hot Steamy Sex!

My girlfriends and I went out for a fun night last weekend. I dressed like a super sexy slut and was looking fine. Of course, I met a super hot guy at the club, I always do. He was big and black and his cock grinding against me was massive. I knew we would have hot steamy sex later that night. We were practically dry humping all night and I was so ready to cum. We got so drunk and danced with each other all night. I told him I couldn’t wait to fuck him, so he left with me and my friends. 

As we were leaving, he kept putting his big hand up my dress and squeezing my bare ass cheeks. He couldn’t wait for our hot steamy sex either! We made out as we walked to the car and my friends made fun of how damn horny we were. But, we didn’t care we knew we were about to have mind-blowing sex. Nothing else matters when that anticipation is lingering in the air. 

First, Finger Fucking

My big black stud and I sat in the back seat with me in the middle, my friend to the right of me and two girls in the front. They all couldn’t wait to watch this hot steamy sex! My stud and I returned to kissing and then he started to grope at me. First, he started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. I let him, as my friends were just ignoring us at that point. But, then he put his hand between my thighs. I wasn’t wearing panties so his fingers made their way right to my engorged clit and he rubbed it in circles. I couldn’t help but moan. My friend sitting next to me said, “Oh my god, he’s finger fucking her!”

I broke away from his mouth and said, “Not yet.” That’s when his two large fingers slipped inside my wet twat and started banging me fast. Our hot steamy sex had begun right here in the car with my friends watching. Of course, his fingers made me gasp and moan louder. I hiked up my dress so he had easier access and opened my legs wider. My pussy and his hand inside me were fully exposed now for all the girls to see. The two girls in front had to turn and see for themselves to watch the hot steamy sex. 

Then, Hot Steamy Sex

As he fingered me, I grabbed his stiff cock through his pants and could feel it throbbing. I rubbed on it and it grew even bigger. I knew right then we were not waiting to get to my place. We were going to have our hot steamy sex right here!

All the girls turned to look when they heard him unzip his pants. They all gasped at how massive his cock was. I leaned down to bob my head on it a few times but I needed that cock inside me. So, I straddled him and rode that big cock right there in the back seat. I told my girlfriends how fucking big he felt as I was riding him. The entire way to my house I bounced on his cock. I came and my pussy squeezed his cock, that’s when he released his load inside me. When we got to my place, my girlfriends insisted he fuck all of them too.  Such hot steamy sex!


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