Make love to my pretty feet

Pretty feet

Literally, I want you to love my feet.  Make love to them.  I always take such good care of my feet.  I get a pedicure every week.  Getting them massaged with a deep moisturizing lotion for at least an hour and half. I keep my toenails looking lovely.  Currently, they are painted a light lavender.  Usually I like them a deep red, but this week I was feeling a little colorful. And so perfect pretty purple painted toes were in order. I was outdoors for most of the weekend and my sandals made a cute little tan line on my foot.  I just love to sit and admire my pretty tootsies.

Slip my sandals off of my feet.  Take one foot and bring it up to your face and rub your cheek against it.  Feel its warmth and its slight dampness. With your tongue, make big licks up and down, over my arch and all the way up to the toes.  One by one, lick, nibble on and suck on each toe.  Drag your tongue across the tops of my toes.  Cover my entire foot with kisses.

I’ll sit with my knees apart, feet together and you slip your cock right in between my feet.  Slowly, I will slide my feet up and down the shaft of your cock.  I will play with my pussy as you feel my feet hugging that big dick of yours.  I will rub your banjo string with my big toe, then rub your cock with both feet moving back and forth, up and down, faster and faster until your load shoots up and out like a fountain, splashing your milky cum all over my lavender toenails.

Come and worship my feet!


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