Feet. Some people love them, some people hate them. I happen to one of those girls who love to tease guys with a foot fetish by sucking my own toes.

Feet and toes sucking go together and I amaze myself with how flexible I can be; it comes in handy when I’m entertaining a naughty boy or two. Mick has a cute little kink and usually I let him do what he wants when he’s with me. See, he loves feet and he’s always touching mine and giving them massages. If I’m in a good mood I’ll let him suck on my toes or I’ll give him a foot job. This morning I made him watch while I played with my own Sweaty Feet.

  Mick stood in the middle of the room as we got naked and I saved my socks for last. When I had his full attention I put one foot on the bed and slid my sock off before giving it a smell. It was a bit sweaty and I wrinkled my nose up as I said, “Wow, that’s strong.” I threw the sock on the floor as he looked longingly at it then took off my other sock.

We then got on the bed and he sat in front of me. I leaned back against my headboard and put a hand on my foot, gently rubbing it and saw his eyes go down.

He licked his lips and breathed faster as I wiggled my toes and stroked a finger over my big toe. “I wonder how I smell and taste,” I said in a little sing-song voice. as Touching my feet I saw Mick lick his lips.

I knew he wanted to see for himself but I wasn’t going to let him; he was going to have to sit there and watch like a good boy.

I held my foot in my hand and brought it up to my face, sliding it under my nose. I took a deep breath, getting a good whiff of my sweaty foot and moaned.

Looking at Mick I kept eye contact as I moved my foot down a bit and stuck my tongue out. I slid it over the side of my foot, leaving a thin streak of spit as I moved up to my toes. Mick’s face got red as he reached down for his dick and squeezed it. He couldn’t take his eyes off me as I licked over my toes, doing little moans as my tongue flicked across my soft skin.

I opened my mouth and twisted my foot as I shifted and managed to stick my big toe in my mouth.

Closing my lips around it I pushed all of it in as Mick gave his dick a little stroke. I began sucking on my toe, moving my mouth up and down on it while he imagined he was the one doing it to me.

Sliding it out of my mouth slowly I moved on to my next toe. Stretching my leg even more I felt my stomach muscles tighten as I twisted myself up for him. I stuck my toe in my mouth and sucked on it as he moaned for me, his hand starting to go faster.

 Popping my toe out of my mouth I stretched my leg out, putting my foot in Mick’s lap. I slid my spit covered toe over his hard dick and nudged the underside of his head, making him gasp. “I can do other things with my feet.” I said teasing him and he swallowed hard. “Do you want to see them?” I asked and put my other foot in his lap as he looked up at me with a glazed look in his eyes.

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