Guys will call often and want to know the truth about how it happened. The topic of losing my virginity has come up during sessions.

Ageplay phone sex calls specifically are when I’ll be asked to tell the story of losing my virginity. “Was it your Daddy, little girl?”  Wouldn’t you love to know.  The idea of his big, strong, and rough hands all over my tiny petite young body makes your balls swell with delight. You know it’s wrong but it turns you on that he had total control. Losing my virginity to him changed everything and surely is what turned me into such a perfect little cum slut, right? 

Oh but what about the time I was caught losing my virginity to the entire basketball team in school?

It happened a few years later once Daddy had moved on to my little sister Kayla. I had outgrown his tastes but that didn’t stop me from having some fun. I dressed like a whore on campus. Always wearing the tiniest little skirts with no panties underneath either.  

It was so much fun to tease those boys. Maybe I really wanted to get taken by force? My teen phone sex stories will let you be the judge of if I was begging for it or crying out for help. Losing my virginity to a whole gang of thuggy big black cocks, still in my schoolgirl uniform. All those fat chocolate banger dicks in and out of my pussy, claiming it as their own. Then tattooing my teeny hipbone with a queen of spades tattoo so that everyone knew I was theirs. 

How about the time I was working for my friend’s Dad at his office after class? 

He craved my virgin pussy and knew exactly how to get it. My first sugar daddy is what he ultimately became, paying me over $10k to give him first dibs to my wonder holes. Losing my virginity to him was an investment move and paid for a few vacations with friends. It got me thinking and really brought out the entrepreneur spirit too. I started selling my friend’s virginities to older men, collecting a 25% cut each time. 

I took this same business model worldwide before long.  

My bestie and I developed our product line: Young horny virgins who need extra cash. The clients practically poured in, especially now that our main competitor Jeffrey is out of the business.  Rest in peace and all of that but boy, it’s great to get to dominate the market finally! 

Have you wanted to feel the clinch that only a young unfucked pussy can give you? 

Well, give me a shout, and let me introduce you to one of my girls who is one hundred percent ready to give you the hymn of your dreams. I have all ages, colors, and sizes – I even have an interview process set up to ensure you get only the best from Losing My Virginity LLC. 


Oh, just one more thing – Do you mind if I watch? 😉




Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke