Losing Anal Virginity Videos – My Friends and I Make A Day Of It

Even though I am not a virgin, my ass is still virgin territory. Therefore, today I am having a naughty party to make Losing Anal Virginity Videos. A bunch of friends is still anal virgins too, so they are getting their asses fucked today too! My guy, Jason, has a super cool spot we are filming this massive party at. Like a sexy hotel with lots of spots to fuck on.

Even though this is all about losing anal virginity videos but that doesn’t mean we can’t fuck like normal. My tight teen pussy loves dick like nobody’s business and I am getting my share of sex at the party. Men and girls will be playing together today. My girls and I love to get nasty with each other. Then, throw in a bunch of sexy men with nice cocks and it is on. Non-stop fornication in every corner of that place.

I like to go all out when I go, so why not do losing anal virginity videos to mark the occasion?!

Furthermore, I like my friends to be with me when I go all in. I am so excited that we are all anal virgins and losing it together today. I have been watching porn to see what to expect. It is very hot to see those big hard dicks go in a tiny little asshole. It makes me get all wet in my tiny pussy when I am watching them. The peckers stretching out the butthole and skin like it is rubber!

Damn, I am so excited. What nasty fun it is going to be as multiple guys get to plow our asses today. Obviously, each of us only has one anal virginity to give up but then they have all day to stretch out our buttholes. Just think about that. A room full of bratty teen sluts getting it up the arse for hours. Pretty fucking hot, right?!

I know your rod is standing at attention right now, Bitch!

Just processing all those tiny assholes with big dicks stuck in them. Going in and out, in and out, one after another. Whew, I am so wet and horny right now. I have to have some fun with the girls here now. I grab Jenny and start to kiss her. We are making out when Ally walks in and sees us. She immediately is on top of us as we get in some Hot Teen Lesbian Sex before the big party starts.

The three of us fall onto the bed laughing. Ally says she needs to lube our asses up with her tongue as she is pulling our panties down. Oh my gosh, her tongue is like silk as it surfs up and down my ass crack. Jenny is moaning in ecstasy as Ally is going back and forth between us. All of a sudden the doors are thrown open as Jason and his crew come into the room.

Time for Losing Anal Virginity Videos to commence!

Jason is walking all of us through the cameras and the guys running them. Explaining how there are enough to film all of us girls at once. Even if we are not in the same area getting fucked a camera will be on us. The next thing I know a slew of sexy mother fuckers is walking through that door!

Holy shit, they are fine dudes. The girls and I are over the moon happy to see how fine they are. No need for introductions, everyone is getting to know each other physically. We all are drawn to our first and things get rolling. Making out with guys and girls, it is so hot in here.

One thing is for sure, this party is off the charts!

Our clothes are falling off as things get more intense with everyone. I feel hands all over my body and I love it. Strong, masculine hands finding their way around every curve I have. That is a dick running up my leg leaving a trail of precum along the way. I feel strong arms bending me over and I easily follow his lead. Then his fingers slip into my panties and slide them down my legs. Oh, the head of his prick is so nice right there…

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