Hot Teen Lesbian Sex: Summer Loving Happened So Fast

Under the summer sun, something began, and I bet you want to know more, don’t you? Let me tell you the story of a fling. But not an ordinary fling. This one happens to end with hot teen lesbian sex! It all started last summer. I was vacationing with my family in San Diego. Honestly, I never expected something like that to happen. I am a straight girl but when I met Mandy, everything changed. The way she smelled still haunts me! Oh, and she gave me one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had.

I was hanging out by the pool all alone. My family had gone out for brunch but I decided to stay and sunbathe. I had my eyes closed when I heard someone.

Is this chair taken?

Without even opening my eyes I replied with a no. The stranger introduced herself as Mandy. She was also on vacation with her family. We started chatting and talked all morning long. Mandy was tall, thin and her hair was dark brown. We got along just fine so we made plans for the next day since we didn’t want to hang out with our families.

Mandy and I ended up spending the next days just chilling by the pool. This is when my hot teen lesbian sex story really begins. We were laying under the beautiful bright sun when she made the first move. Mandy sat on my pool chair and as I sat up to make room, she kissed me. Her lips tasted like cherry chapstick and I liked it. I kissed Mandy back. It soon started getting hot and heavy. Mandy definitely knew what she was doing.

Her hands were rubbing my tits and making their way between my legs.

We walked into her room and as soon as the door closed we continued making out. Mandy and I had taken our hot teen lesbian sex affair indoors. Mandy laid me on the bed and pulled all the strings on my bikini first. My top was the first one to come off. Mandy climbed on top of me. I wrapped my legs around her tight teen body and she held my arms above my head. Mandy started kissing my neck and down my chest. She pushed my big tits together and started sucking on them. My pussy was soaking wet now!

Mandy started kissing down my stomach. She spread my legs and looked straight into my eyes while she told me just how much she’d been waiting for that moment. Mandy did this trick with her tongue no man has ever done. The way she gently pushed it inside me and rubbed my clit at the same time drove me wild. I reached down and pushed her head into my sweet cunt. My moaning could probably be heard outside her room but we didn’t care. Mandy pressed her lips against my pussy then I started grinding on them. While looking down into her eyes I told her I wanted to taste her pussy.

It was my turn to make this hot teen lesbian sex story even better!

I wanted to taste Mandy’s pussy. While I was still on my back I told her to climb on top of me. I watched her pussy hovering over my face. I pulled her down and started eating her delicious cunt. Mandy tits bounced as she rode my face. Her juices were all dripping down into my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of her. Mandy came all over my face! But that didn’t stop devouring her.

Mandy then stood up and told me she had a little something. She reached into her bad and this tiny flat silicone stick. It almost looked like a toothbrush but without the bristles. It turns out she had the most powerful vibrator and it was going to become the best part of my vacation.

Mandy and I intertwined our legs. Our pussies were barely touching each other. Mandy placed the vibrator right on our clits as they aligned perfectly. Then, while it buzzed away she and I just made out. We kissed each other’s necks, bit each other’s lips. Once we were ready to cum, Mandy threw that vibrator on the floor and we rubbed our pussies together till we orgasmed.

Mandy and I still keep in contact. We have planned to meet up again this summer. This time we aren’t wasting any time!

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