Lesbian Teens Caught: What Happens In The Locker Room Stays There

If you know me, you know I love cock. I love everything about cock. How it tastes, how it feels inside my hole when it throbs. But sometimes I am weak and I give into temptation. The temptation that afternoon after volleyball practice was none other than my very sexy frienemy Cami. Who would have thought Cami and I would be two lesbian teens caught in the locker room. Believe me, no one as both had a boyfriend but that day we just really needed to get off.

It all started when Cami and I were the last ones to get out of the showers. See, Cami and I had a bit of history together. We hooked up at a party but honestly, we blamed in on the alcohol. As Cami started changing I couldn’t contain myself. So I walked right up to her and kissed her without saying a word. Cami didn’t hesitate to kiss me back. A bit of making out and before we knew it our towels were on the floor. Our perfect perky tits were rubbing up against each other and I wanted more. Cami sat down on the bench and I kneeled in front of her. I spread her legs very slowly. I wanted to bask in the sight tight teen pussy.

Cami started caressing my face. She was also pulling me closer to her cunt. When my lips touched it, she gasped for air. Cami’s pussy tasted even better than I imagined. I shoved my tongue deep inside her. Then, I started fingering while I sucked on her clit. Cami then returned the favor. As she laid on the bench I hovered over her face.

I teased Cami with my wet cunt until she pulled me in.

I was riding Cami’s face and moaning hard when our coach walked into the locker room. It wasn’t rare for him to do it after school hours since by then everyone was gone. I bet all he wanted was to lock up for the day and instead out coach found lesbian teens caught in a very compromising situation. Cami and I stopped and grabbed our towels. Our coach was really strict and we knew he wasn’t going to put up with what we were doing. He said that we better get dressed as he was going to call our parents right then and there. Cami and I couldn’t allow that to happen. Our conservative parents would kill us!

By looking at each other Cami and I knew exactly what we had to do. We once again dropped our towels and kneeled in front of our coach. We begged him, that’s all we could really do. Our hands were right on his crotch. Cami and I were prepared to do anything but he had other plans.

Two lesbian teens caught by their coach were now ready to do anything!

To our surprise, the coach didn’t want to fuck us, the coach didn’t even want a blowjob. He just wanted to watch so Cami and I gave him a show. He sat on the bench as we still kneeled in front of him. Cami and I were smiling at each other, playing along so we wouldn’t get in trouble. We started kissing. Her soft lips were covered with my dried pussy juices and hers with mine. This time around, we wanted to get really raunch and that’s exactly what we did.

I bend over and Cami started eating my ass. She was so good with her tongue my pussy started pulsating with pleasure. Of course, I did the same to her. Lots more! Our coach seemed to really enjoyed our heavy lip-locking. He was now stroking his cock as he watched us. The grand finale was our legs crisscrossing and our wet cunts meeting in the middle. I had never scissored before but it was a pure raw pleasure. I leaned my head back as Cami did the same. As we were both cumming we felt a warm gush of stickiness land on our bare smooth cunts. The coach had come on us! His thick creamy load was now dripping down both of our pussies.

Coach left without saying a word. Cami and I, on the other hand, used his cum as we fingered fucked each other into our third mind-blowing orgasm. I bet coach never imagined that’d be the day two lesbian teens caught were going to make his fantasy come true.