Young Sex Parties: What Happens In Study Hall, Stays There

Everyone in school wants study hall because everyone knows that you can do whatever you want. Whether is sit around and take nap, talk to your friends or actually do some homework. Obviously in the last days of school study hall was used for something else, something even the teacher participated in. I bet the teacher didn’t know that he would be involved in one of those young sex parties that he hears about.

The school was almost out when I arrived to study hall with my friends. In total, we were about 9 students, plus the teacher. Mr. Smith was younger than most teachers in school and there had been rumors about him going to house parties and fucking young tight teens. Though we didn’t know they were true, until that day. Study hall started as nothing more than everyone chitchatting. Then, one of the guys in the group suggested we should all play spin the bottle. To our surprise, Mr. Smith joined in. Spin, spin, spin. Everyone had then kissed each other but we still had a whole hour to kill.

Though I had kissed someone, I had not kissed Mr. Smith and I wanted to. Without a care in the world, I sat on his lap and started kissing him. Everyone else just watched it! I didn’t stop though. It was so hot and heavy Mr. Smith started playing with my tits under the thin shirt I was wearing. Once I started moaning every guy in the room was aroused. When Mr. Smith and I stopped making out everyone had joined us. Everyone was making out with each other. Touching each other as well.

It became one of those young sex parties I always watch!

What happened next was even hotter. Because I not only wanted Mr. Smith, I wanted every other guy in the room as well. So we just kept changing partners. The first one to get his dick sucked was the jock. My best friend pulled down his pants and to her surprise, he was packing some serious meat. It was so thick that I decided to get right on my knees and help her out. While we did that, Mr. Smith came from behind us and started eating out cunts. It felt so good feeling his tongue deep inside me. But the fun didn’t stop there.

It became one of those young sex parties when everyone was fucking. I just loved listening to everyone moaning and groaning. It was so fucking hot. We all kept changing partners. I sucked every dick in that room and fucked it too. But I bet you are wondering how many times I came? Well, I was so horny that I came about 5 times, all on different dicks including Mr. Smith’s older cock. When all the guys were ready to cum, the girls in the room, lined up to take their cum. Of course, you know I was ready and was the first one. Mr. Smith sprayed right on my tongue and because I am such a good girl, I shared it with my bestie.

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