C.J. WITH A STRANGER Long Sexy Weekend With A Stranger

I spent Labor Day weekend out of town. I treated myself to a three day weekend at a retreat a few hours away for a weekend of pampering. Beauty treatments, massages, meditations, long hikes, nude swims in the springs. It was wonderful and I left feeling rejuvenated and fantastic. There were a couple of dozen guests there, not huge groups. Many couples, also some singles like myself, including this one very handsome man that owned his own web development company. And he said he was under a lot of stresses, so he liked to unwind at retreats like this a few times a year.Although he was just a stranger I was very attracted to him.

He was a stranger to me when we met, but we soon got to know each other well.  And spent a good deal of time together over the weekend. I hadn’t planned on meeting anyone when I went there. But sometimes things just happen and you roll with them. We sat together for dinner the first night and went on a walk after dinner.  And we found a secluded spot to look at the meteor shower and had a nice, meaningful conversation.

He Was Smart And Sexy ..Why Not?

He walked me back to my cabin and I invited him in. There were a few bottles of wine to choose from and we opened one and relaxed in the living room. On the sofa together and he leaned over and kissed me and he was a fantastic kisser. His hand was soon sliding up my leg and teasing my pussy over my panties, making me damp. I spread my legs further and let his fingers have access to my pussy. And his fingers slid under the filmy fabric and were soon teasing my clit deliciously.

We moved to the bedroom and things heated up fast. I sat him on the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor in front of him.  And unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants and took his cock out. The cock of someone that was only a stranger a few short hours ago. And who now I wanted very much to fuck me. I held it in my hand and licked at the head of it and cupped his balls in my hand. I took as much into my mouth as I could. He groaned with pleasure as I sucked his cock.  And he soon pulled me up off my knees and got me on the bed and laid me out.

It Felt So Good

He stripped the rest of my clothes off and started to suck on my nipples.  And kiss down my belly to my pussy and he licked me expertly and eagerly before climbing on top of me. Sliding that cock into my warm, wet cunt. I gasped at his girth as he entered me and it was so hot, he fucked me so well. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards me. We kissed passionately as he fucked me and I was soon cumming all over his cock.  I could feel him squirting into me. And I lay in the arms of a stranger and had the best sex I’ve had in a long time. I do hope we get to meet each other again, he made my weekend a wonderful one.

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