Long Sexy Legs Entice You And Draw Your Eyes Up

Long sexy legs–You know I love having sex on the beach! But today I was all zipped up in my office attire–boring! Except I caught the boss looking at me! Actually, he was kind of staring at my sexy legs and saying, Sadie! I swear you’re going to give me a boner at work!

I acted shocked! Boss, that is totally inappropriate! Well, he said I know Sadie, but those long sexy legs are making me drool. And if my tongue is wagging out of my mouth well then that means my dick will soon be hanging out of my pants! If you know what I mean…

Long Sexy Legs in the Breakroom

Well, I was making coffee, turned around, and the boss was staring at my juicy ass tucked away in my little black pencil skirt! What a perv! He said Sadie I swear that tight little ass is going to make me act up! Boss, I said! That is totally inappropriate! He said he knew and started rubbing between his legs.  That was so hot!

So that drew my attention and I sort of licked my big plump lips and watched him rub his crotch. It made my pussy tingle, I’m not going to lie, and I felt a wet spot growing between my long sexy legs. You know that made the boss even harder! And I wasn’t complaining because I loved watching him jerk it!

What Will You Do With Me?

Sadie, Sadie, what will I do with you? He said. So I told him I don’t know, but I’m pretty bored of wearing these stiff office clothes! Maybe he could give me something more comfortable to wear? That’s when he said come into my office, I think I have just the thing.

Well, he sat at his desk and pulled out his huge hard cock. It was amazing! That gave me a jolt of electricity between my long sexy legs. I was tingling all over at this point and I really wanted to strip for him and ride his thick juicy cock. That’s exactly when the boss said Strip for me, Sadie!

Long Sexy Legs Wrapped Around You

Of course, I did as I was told and unzipped that tight little pencil skirt, sliding it down over my sweet round ass and hips. He just watched with pleasure, jerking his cock even faster. That made me want to lick it! I started rubbing my pussy through my silky thong panties but then suddenly stripped those off too.

I stripped off my white button-up shirt and pink pushup bra so my perfect tits bounced out too. Now there’s only one thing left for you to do Miss Sadie. What’s that, Boss? I asked in a cooing little whisper. Bring your ass over here and wrap those long sexy legs around me!

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