In high school, one of my exes called me Long Labia Girl, and the name has always stuck with me.

Think about it; do you want to be called Long Labia Girl? To begin with, it’s a weird nickname. In high school, I was still pretty ashamed about my body, despite my penchant for high school teacher sex. It was awkward all around- I spent nights in front of a mirror, stretching out my labia to see my pussy, aware of how they hung low. Nevertheless, I always kind of liked how they stretched, how they gave a little teaser to the person I was with.

It wasn’t until I got my piercing that I realized just how much fun my long labia could be.

So, I ended up going to a tattoo and piercing parlor. It smelled like antiseptic combined with something citrusy. The parlor was all white, clean, and there was an attendant at the desk whom I’d talked with earlier over the phone. “Hey darling,” she told me. “Go ahead and step in room two. Your piercer will be there in a jiffy.”

My Clit Piercing Consultation

My piercing artist was an awesome, tattoo-covered woman, and everything about her screamed “art”. She met with me to discuss the piercing, telling me the clitoral hood is what gets pierced (so my clit could continue to have all the delicious nerve endings that make me feel good), and that I could get horizontal or vertical. I paused for a moment.

“So, I kind of need advice,” I told her, shyly.

Her eyebrow raised as if sighing at my foolish 18-year-old self.

“I mean, aesthetic advice. I’ve…. I’ve got long labia, and I want something that looks good with that.”

Then she laughed. “Anything looks good with that,” she told me. “Part of this consultation is making sure your hood can fit something.”  Next, she smiled at me and patted the chair covered in paper. “Go ahead and take off your skirt, sweetie.”

Therefore I lifted it up, revealing nothing underneath, and she whistled. “Don’t do anything by halves, huh?” I winked and sat in the chair, holding on to the edges as she spread apart my legs. Her fingers, in blue latex gloves, traced the inside of my labia, smiling as she did so.

“This is a nice pussy,” she told me. “And with your hood- that’s this right here- I think you could get a triangle clit piercing. It’ll rub you all the time, and with your labia as big as they are, you could wear a ring and it not look too big.” She tapped my clit.

Simultaneously sparks flooded up my body.

“But if you wanna play, you’ll do it after I work- wanna head to my place and get a look at mine?”

My pussy quivered at the thought of seeing another pussy, of playing with another piercing.  Yet her eyes were dark with promise.

After Work Special

Her pussy was a gorgeous thing. Several rings on her labia, on her hood, and I took my time licking each piercing, worshiping it. Her labia was about as long as mine. In fact, if I wanted to keep piercing, I could look like hers all over.

“Not everyone can get a triangle,” she told me as she pinched my clit. “You’ve got the right build for it. It’s particularly great for sensations, too.”  Next, she dove back down, opening my labia with her face and licking. “Look, we’ve got more for sensations, more to wrap around whatever comes in here.”

I rather felt it. Her tongue ring dabbed along my clit, sending jolts of lightning into my thighs. She traced her nails along my inner labia, thus the sensations only building and building. And she taught me the best lesson of all- I could come again and again, until she stopped me several minutes, later. I smiled through the tears caused by the bliss she’d put my body through.

Long Labia Girl? That’s me, and I don’t mind it one bit.


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