Locker Room Humiliation

I used to work at the local gym through college.  I heard all kinds of stories from the guys about how built other guys were in the locker room.  Not only were they comparing their bulging muscular physics, but also their penis size.  I loved hearing about the guys with the biggest cocks, but every now and again I’d hear about one guy in particular.  He must have liked the locker room humiliation.  Why else would a grown man with a toddler sized dick get naked in the locker room?  I’d to see this baby weenie for myself!

I saw him come in for him usual daily workout and I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer.  I took my break and decided to do some “working out” of my very own.  He walked into the sauna and I followed closely behind.  To my surprise, we weren’t alone.  Another regular, a huge Mandingo piece of sexy chocolate was already sitting on the bench with his huge cock in full view.  I couldn’t get my eyes off of it, that was until the wee man opened his towel.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  Everyone was right!  He had the smallest pee pee I had ever seen.

 His chiclet was completely dwarfed by that big black cock!  I asked him if he was embarrassed to have the smallest penis I had ever seen.  I told Mister Big Dick to get up and stand next to him.  With their cocks side by side, it was like I was looking at a tic-tac next to a real man’s throbbing cock.  Not only was I drooling over that sexy black dick, but so was baby dick!

I would love to tell you what happened next, but that will be for our call.  Talk to you soon, Lover!

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