Who doesn’t love live sex?

I love live sex! My boyfriend and I have been thinking about going to a sex club to really experience it, but that’s a story for another time (hopefully soon!). Today, I want to talk about my new neighbors.

Who doesn’t love neighbor sex stories? I live in an apartment building, but my block has a mix of apartments and houses. Well, we had new neighbors move into the house directly across from us. They haven’t bought curtains yet. They don’t seem to think this is a problem. Neither do we!

So my bedroom window is the one that faces their house. One day my boyfriend was over and we were on my bed making out. He glances out the window and this shocked look appears on his face. Following his gaze, I looked out the window to see my brand new neighbor’s ass pumping away and two legs wrapped around him. The same look of shock came over my face and we just watched for a few minutes.

My pussy was so wet watching him pound away at his…wife’s?…girlfriend’s?…lover’s pussy. I looked over at my boyfriend and he was stroking his cock as he watched, so I leaned over and started sucking his cock while we both watched my neighbors fuck. And boy did they fuck! He changed positions every few minutes; first doggy, then missionary, then cowgirl and on and on. His back was dripping sweat and just glistening with the sun shining through the window.

Keeping up with the Jones’

I climbed on top of my boyfriend and slid his big cock inside me. Keeping an eye on them, we fucked hard and both came hard. I collapsed next to him on the bed and said we’re going to have to work on keeping up with our neighbors!


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