With my newest neighbor, there are all kinds of new hot sex stories!

I’ve been in my apartment for about 6 months and my apartment across the hall has been empty-until now. I have the hottest new neighbor and he and I have been getting to know each other very well! I love when you don’t even have to leave the house for hot sex stories!

The first time I saw him, my pussy got wet I had to change my panties. He had been moving in and it was a warmer day, so he was in a tank top. The muscles, the sweat, my poor little pussy couldn’t help herself!

That night when I saw his friends leave, I walked over with a bottle of wine. Just being neighborly, of course. He invited me in and we sat on the only thing not covered in plastic or boxes-his bed!

He didn’t have his dishes unpacked, so I went back to my place and grabbed a wine opener and two glasses. We toasted to new beginnings and it wasn’t long until the bottle was gone. I confessed how taken back I was when I saw him carrying boxes in. He grinned and leaned in for a kiss. A very good kiss.

I could feel his cock pressed against me.

I leaned back on the bed and pulled him with me. His cock was so hard, I could feel it pressed against my thigh as we made out. In one swift movement, he slipped my shorts and panties down. He kissed down my body until he got to my pussy and started licking and fingering me.  I heard him laugh at how wet I was, he said no one had ever been that wet before he had his cock out!

“What can I say? You’re really hot” I said pushing his face back down.

He ate my pussy until I came and then he slid his own shorts off.  I felt his big cock against my clit as he climbed back on top of me. He kissed me and I could taste myself on his lips. Moving his hips, he rubbed his cock against my pussy, teasing me as he got even harder.

Then his cock slipped inside me and he started fucking me hard. I yelled out as he fucked me because it felt so good! It didn’t take long for me to cum again. He started to suck on my tit as he fucked me harder, he was going to cum, too. I told him to cum inside me and he fucked me faster as he got closer. He came then and I felt his hot load spill into my pussy.

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” I said laughing. Maybe next time, we can make hot sex stories with some public sex stories

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