My live sex watching started one Sunday morning.

It was cool summer morning so everyone had their air conditioning off and the windows open to enjoy the fresh air. I decided to sleep in that morning but my neighbors had other plans for me. I was awakened to the sound of moaning. Knowing I was all alone in the house I was a little confused. Remembering that I slept with my windows open that night I peeked through the curtain. I loved watching live sex!

My eyes popped open as I witnessed my neighbors having sex.

They were right there in front of the window, not even bothering to close the curtain. To be honest the bedrooms are in the back of the houses so the only people that would see them were me or anyone walking up my driveway into my backyard. But still, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Feeling a tingle in my pussy and my panties getting wet I knew I was getting turned on by the live sex I was watching. Next Sunday arrived and I was awakened to the same moaning. Again, I peeped through my curtain and watched the live sex in my neighbor’s bedroom.

This time I slid my hand down my panties and let my fingers caress my wet clit.

Watching them and rubbing my pussy made me so horny. This became an every Sunday routine. Waking up to watch the live sex between my neighbors and masturbating to them is a good way to wake up in the morning. Hopefully, they never catch me watching and decide to close the curtains. They are both very sexy and I love watching them. Check out my blog page for other sex stories and ask me how to get free phone sex. Give me a call.

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