I miss the good old days when there was no free sex.

Girls didn’t give free sex away for free. Sex was given away to get something in return. Yes, I turned into a little whore when I first moved out of mommy and daddy’s house into my own apartment. I distinctly remember the Art Van delivery guys showing up with my bed. Thinking they were just going to drop it off in my bedroom and leave it sitting there was the first mistake, thinking that I was going to pay the $50 set up fee was the second mistake. I knew what I was doing. They were getting ready to leave and I asked them if they were going to set it up for me. Looking through the paperwork he didn’t see where I paid the setup fee.

Yep, I played stupid, I even shed a few tears.

I wasn’t going to have a bed to sleep in I cried. They two guys were hesitant to set it up. Then I mentioned that I also wanted to make sure it was comfortable and nice and roomy in case I had a few guests and they could help me test it out. With the help of these two guys I got my bedroom setup and found out there was enough room on the bed for me and two friends to have some naughty playtime. I got my free set up and they got afternoon sex.

This also worked with the cable guy.

He came to set up my basic cable and internet. Knowing I am not a basic girl and I would not be happy with basic cable I seduced him. Once getting him into my bedroom I began to seduce him. Rubbing my body against him and telling him that I really wanted all the movie channels. He knew that this was not going to be free sex. He was going to have to climb the pole and make a few adjustments. Because he did he was rewarded very well. Our sex was so good that we left a huge wet spot on my brand new mattress. Now with all this technology you cant do things like his anymore. Cable and internet is all controlled at the main office, delivery trucks have GPS on them so the employer knows if there are in one spot too long.

It’s so sad that the days of sex for free upgrades are over.

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