Some things never change. Even when I was in college, I had no problem making my boyfriend Eric, a cuckold cum dumpster. This alternative lifestyle of cuckolding men started at a very early age.  Let’s just say, Daddy was my first cuckold cum dumpster.  Teasing Daddy with BBC and Incest were like second nature to me.  Just like daddy, My boyfriend in college loved watching me get fucked by other men.  Both Daddy and Eric would get a thrill out of being reminded that their dicks weren’t big enough to satisfy me.   Little dick men have never and will never please me.  I laugh every time I hear a man say “I’m fucking out of this world at pleasing a woman orally.” That is a tell-tale sign – Beware Little Dick Cum Dumpster Ahead!!

Back in college, Eric would wait on my doorstep every night, like a homeless dog – waiting to be fed. My little cotton white panties were drenched with cum.  He couldn’t wait to bury his face deep between my creamy thighs.  The aroma of sex filled his nostrils, as the taste of another man’s cum covered his face, lips, and tongue. Time after time, I would remind him how lucky he was to be dating someone as sexy as me. One evening, I decided to show him just how lucky he should consider himself, as well as how much I loved dick. Dylan was my latest fuck buddy – tall, dark, and well hung.  There’s nothing bigger and better than BBC = Big Black Cock.

I arrived home to find Eric waiting, as usual.  I walked right by and led Dylan upstairs to my bedroom and we got undressed. Eric followed right behind without any hesitation. Standing in the doorway panting like a hungry dog, as I dropped to my knees and wrapped my hand around Dylan’s dick. Dylan’s dick was long, thick, and only semi-hard. I stroked him until his rod was hard and standing at attention. Without hesitation, I began licking and sucking his throbbing cock. I could hear Eric’s breathing increase, as he watched every move – up and down, deeper and harder. I heard Eric enter the room, but I ignored him and kept sucking off Dylan. A minute later I heard “What are you doing?” Eric sounded horny and humiliated at the same time. I slid Dylan out of my mouth and said “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m sucking a real dick.  One that is twice your size.”  I let out a wicked lil laugh, between sucking and licking.  I gave it one last slow lick along the shaft, as my hand stroked my wet pussy. “Mmm, I know where I want you to be,” I said and stood up.

I got on the bed and parted my legs.  Gliding my hands down my body and between my legs  I parted my puffy pussy lips with my fingers, so Eric could see just how wet I was. Dylan got between my thighs, exploring every inch and stopping at my waist. Leaning over, he pressed the tip of his cock against my wet cunt.  I gasped, as he shoved his throbbing cock inside with one quick push. Plunging deeper, immediately thrusting into my wet tight snatch. Long, deep thrusts – I could feel every inch of his 10-inch black cock. Dylan was so much better than the little jabs Eric would do.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and started moaning loudly. Eric was now standing closer watching us.  Biting my bottom lips, I kept eye contact with him, as Dylan rammed harder and deeper into me. Eric reached down and began to stroke himself through his pants. He knew he was allowed to touch, but not cum on nights like this. “Oh God, fuck me. Yeah, just like that. Pound my pussy.” I cried out and Eric blushed with shame. I nudged Dylan and rolled him onto his back and began to ride him hard. My tits were bouncing, as Eric came even closer to get a better look. I could feel Dylan’s dick deep inside me – riding him and taking him, as deep as I could take him. I started to clench my pussy muscles around Dylan’s big black cock.  Plunging down pushed him over the edge and he came inside me. Leaving my pussy filled with a delicious cream pie. I was getting close to exploding my juices all over his cock and I went faster. I bounced on him a few last times, impaling myself on him and letting out a cry as I started to cum. I stayed where I was, dick firmly inside me until I was done.

I climbed off Dylan and looked at Eric. “That’s what it sounds like when I’m fucking someone who’s worth my time.” I then grabbed the comforter and handed it to him. “You can sleep on the couch tonight, I don’t think we’re done for the night and you’ve had enough of a show.” Eric gave us one last look then went downstairs. I kept the bedroom door open and made sure he was able to hear all my little screams of pleasure.

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