Live In Slave: Your Total Submission to My Every Whim

Like all submissive little bitch boys, the height of your sexual desire is to achieve a place of absolute submission to your femdom’s control.  I am your femdom.  I decide what you do and I decide when you do it.  Furthermore, I never have to tell you why.  Of course, your needs are important.  But it is up to me to craft those needs for you.  Be a good boy and let me break and rebuild you as a new person.  Do the right thing.  Give in to your desire to be owned by a real, authentic, beautiful woman.  You need what all over-eager little sluts need—to be entirely under the control of your mistress.  Your ultimate goal in your desperate little life is to be a live in slave, dominated by the regal woman whose satisfaction you live to give.

With my training, a pathetic slut like you can learn to love spending hours like a proper little stool beneath my feet.

Since I am such a kind and caring mistress, I will curb your disobedience and sense of self-devotion.  Like a true professional trainer, I will use my crop to whip you into shape for every whine and every slouch.  You must support my feet like a good little bitch.  Do not disappoint your mistress, or else you will receive real corporal punishment.  Obviously, from time to time, you will need a surprise bit of flagellation as a constant reminder of your place.  You are a desperate, sad little cock whore.  Whatever way you put it, your body exists solely for my purposes.  So does your mind exist for me to shape, any and every which way I desire?

Perhaps, when the mood strikes, I may use you less like a stool and more like a table.  Perhaps I will set a plate of food on your straight, unslouching back.  Of course, this is how you yourself will eat.  On the one hand, as my personal live in slave, you will be entirely responsible for cooking all of my meals.  On the other hand, you will not be allowed to eat what you have made.  No, all your sustenance will come from my scraps.  The things that fall from my plate to the floor before you while you cower like a valueless dog at my feet will be your wages.

Additionally, you will survive off my excrement.  Thirsty?  Drink my bath water. Drink my golden nectar. That is how you will be allowed to go on living your life.  Live in slaves must be trained to find joy only in absolute servitude.

Now, your sex life is reduced to standing straight in a corner or folded up behind the bars of a cage, watching me riding the cock of a real stallion while yours is trapped in uncomfortable chastity.

You are no longer allowed to participate in fucking me.  Rather, you will gleefully slurp at the creampie and sweat of my body.  You will be fed from my sex scraps just as you have been fed from my table scraps.  Remember, your only fulfillment comes from joyfully serving me and my wishes.  Doing as I say is your life now.  You exist only to be a little bitch.

Perchance, if ever you are lucky and obedient live in slave, I will reward you by allowing you to be a silent little pig in a spit roast lasting for hours and hours.  A line of men in front of and in back of you will fill you with loads upon loads of warm, frothy semen.  Clearly, your own tiny dick will need to be placed in chastity while your throat and boy pussy are pounded endlessly.  After all, your pleasure comes only from servicing others.  So shall you serve?  As I am your new owner, it is my job to train you to accept your place as a dirty little cum rag.

I will train your ass with larger and larger butt plugs as you fill your days cleaning my home.

As my live in slave, it is, of course, your job to clean every room of my living quarters.  If I decide you must clean the cracks and crevices of my banisters, you will do it.  You will get down on your hands and knees, plugged ass in the air, and clean those crevices with your tongue.  Perhaps I will command you to lick my toilet and bidet clean.  Perhaps I will have you clean in a little black and white French maid’s dress.  If I say it, you will do it.  There will be no other option.  There will be no debate.  You will draw my baths, you will cook my meals, and you will clean my fucking house.  I own your body and I own your mind.  Everything about you belongs to me.

You do not make choices or have your own thoughts now.

Your days of freedom are over.  You live only to serve me now.  I am your mistress, you are my live in slave.  Just quiet your pounding, anxious heart, and accept your need to be completely controlled by me.  Accept that the only thing you are good for is being my little bitch.  This is what your life looks like now.  Just be a good boy and enjoy it.  Indeed, this is what is in store for you this week on phonesex.