It’s about time this little tease got what was coming for me!

I’m a little tease – I can’t even pretend that I’m a good girl sometimes. My mean streak comes out, the seductive voice and looks come out to play..and I start some trouble wherever I want. It’s kind of hard to keep it all under control when I just want to exercise it all. Why would I keep all the tempting habits at bay if I can see how much I can get people to do for me? I’ve done it all my life.. flirting, teasing, and if I get shut down because a guy is ‘taken’, working my way in through the very-hazy ‘friendzone’. For as long as I can remember, I’ve gotten what I want, no matter how long ti takes. So I’m used to prancing around in my denim daisy dukes without a problem.. Sometimes boots or heels on, and a little tank top. Essentially, I don’t care what people see when they look at me, because I know most guys don’t mind at all! and I’m not there to please the girls, anyway. 😉

But sometimes, a little tease gets what’s coming to her. Last Friday, I went out on a joy ride as usual.. It’s the start of my weekend adventure, hit up an out-of-the-way gas station and take off, spinning dust down some old, endless two-lane highway. And of course, I always love these tiny gas stations because the country guys I run into there are sweet as hell. One of them stopped me as I was about to leave, asking about my car, how many cylinders, automatic vs. manual.. the works. And being a cocky little bitch about my car, I stuck around, flirting and talking with him about it. He said he had to run back to his truck for a second to grab his phone and show me the hot rod he’d been working on (which, haha, I didn’t catch his play on words at the moment) . Not wanting to wait around too long, I decided to go back there with him, thinking the most he was going to try was to kiss me, grab me, or do something silly. I could handle something small like that and maybe diffuse it by giving him my number and leaving. I really wanted to burn some rubber before the sun started setting. But he had other plans.

So like the little tease I was, I was leaning against the side of his truck as he leaned in to grab his phone..Then he popped back out and had me hold his phone to look at it. A beautiful, old-school charger that he was in the process of repainting. I walked right into his trap. I started talking about how nice it was, but how I needed to really get going.. I was holding his phone, he slipped cuffs on my wrists in the blink of an eye and spun me around, grabbing his phone back and bending me over so that I was leaned over the backseat of his car. And then he started pulling down my shorts, yanking my panties down with it. He didn’t pull them down very far – which is when I knew I was in trouble. His hot rod was rubbing right up against me, sitting right between my cheeks..and even as I begged him not to, putting on my sweet voice and saying we could meet at my place, or his, or later sometime and make it more fun.. he wasn’t going to let me out so easily. He spun my hair around his hand and yanked me back, spitting on his cock enough to make it wet as he slid it in with a little trouble.. Must have thought it’d be a little easier to slide in, but I barely ever do anal! The jackass finally got it in, and I think the struggle itself made him even more excited because it felt a lot bigger the more that he pounded me..  He wasn’t letting me go. He moved his hand from my hair to my mouth and used his other to keep pulling me back by the hip, making me rock against him with every thrust. It hurt, and it filled me up.. but the thrill of it all started getting to me..and I guess I’m a sucker for rough sex. Sometimes a little tease gets exactly what she asks for.

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali