My Little Naughty Obedient Pet!

Veronica loves her little naughty obedient pet! A few years ago, I started getting into role-playing, you know, Where you get the opportunity to live out ANY fantasy you’d like?!?! Well, I started seeing this guy who was very shy, but I gotta tell you, he was hung like a horse…A big ole stallion I tell ya! Now, that’s really funny to me, cuz one day he finally gets up the nerve to tell me HIS fantasy….he wants me to be his mistress and HE wants to be my dog!! He doesn’t want me to be with a dog, he wants to be my own personal obedient pet!

So, I encouraged him to get imaginative….give me details, I said. Finally, my great big giant of a man, who is as shy as they come, suddenly articulates to me that he wants me to put on this big performance, a ritual of sorts. Here we go; I wake up the next morning, naked of course and much to my amazement, there’s a big fluffy St. Bernard in my bed with me. So naturally, I pet and ruffle the fur of my beautiful puppy doggie and get him all kinds of excited.

We wrestle around for a few minutes and out of nowhere, he begins to lick my nipples like crazy.

While doing so, I noticed that his red rocket was getting hard and swollen. After doing that for several minutes, I told my puppy to stop…I mean I gotta tease him right?!?! I got up to go to the bathroom, came back to the bedroom and rolled out my yoga mat…it was time to get my yoga on. So I begin by doing a few stretching exercises……Of course, I looked back out of the corner of my eye and saw my little puppy boy watching me, with his tongue sticking out…hehe. I did that for about 10 minutes, while my dog watched me….hmmm I loved it!

He had this adorable, yet goofy grin on his face.

Now, keep in mind I was still naked at that point. I began to do my yoga poses and my big brute starts sniffing around me…he was sniffing my legs, my neck, my ass…EVERYWHERE. I playfully push him away, as if I wasn’t interested in playing his little fantasy…..but to be honest I fucking loved it. At one point he starts to lick my thigh near my ass….omg I was getting soo horny and I could see he was too.

I giggled and that only seemed to make him get friskier….heheheh, I loved it! It was then that I began to do my favorite yoga position, which strangely enough is called the downward dog. I do it from a kneeling position and at one point, my ass is sticking straight up in the air……and that drove my puppy CRAZY! Now this is something I have done the same way, every single day and nothing kinky has ever happened, but on this day out of the blue, while my naked ass is sticking straight up in the air, my little pet decided to run his tongue from my clit all the way to anus!!

My juices began flow instantaneously when he did that!

While I my juices were flowing, I gasped and my big puppy mounted me! Immediately, he found my pussy with his big doggy cock and if you want to hear the rest, call me, cuz I am dying to cum again, just tellin’ you the rest of the story, baby. Be a good boy and enjoy naughty phone sex with me!

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