His little Dick Made Me Giggle

I have been dating this really good looking guy. He has a great job, and I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with me. since we’d been on five dates and he hadn’t even tried to kiss me. I don’t need to fuck on the first date, but not even a try for a kiss after five dates? I tried to be the one to make the first move. But was gently rebuffed, so I finally came right out and asked if he was attracted to me and he said yes, but, there was an issue. What issue, I asked? The issue about his little dick. OMG, I never even thought of that as a possibility.

I was told he was used to being rejected and humiliated and it really turned him on .He asked if I would I please make fun of his little dick? I wasn’t expecting this at all.   He asked if he could show me just how much of a little dick it was. I was prepared, or so I thought. He opened his jeans. And, well, I can’t even say he pulled it out, since there really wasn’t much of anything to pull out. It was like a flesh colored acorn was glued to his pubic area. I gasped and then I laughed, I didn’t mean to, it just slipped out. I apologized for laughing, but then he said no, don’t apologize, he liked my laughing at him.And trust me, I could not stop giggling!

I couldn’t Stop Laughing At His Wee Pee Pee

Gisele laughs at little dicks

His little acorn got stiff and he started to rub it like a clit. A single drop of pre cum emerged from the tip and I laughed. And I asked him if he liked rubbing his little dick while I watched.  He giggled and said yes, it turned him on a lot and did I mind if he rubbed it for me? Oh what a loser, I thought to myself as he picked at his little dick.

He asked if now that he’d shown it to me, would I still date him? I laughed and said I’d be fucking other guys for sure! And if he treated me well, bought me things .He would also have to take  me places I wanted to go, I’d consider it. But the most he could hope for would be clean up boy. I said I had no use for a little dick like that. So he’d better be ok with a cuckold type of relationship.  He eagerly agreed.

I started to bring other men home and go on about fucking them. Sometimes he watched, other times he just stayed downstairs and listened to the goings on upstairs.  I’d sometimes if I was feeling charitable, allowed him to lick me out afterwards. He seemed content with this and I was alright with it as well. He was generous and loved me mocking him about his little dick at the same time I used his credit cards at the mall to treat myself to things I wanted on his dime. I’m not sure how long of a future this arrangement has, but for the time being I can live with it.

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