Francis walked in my store one day completely down and out. He was a regular customer who often bought toys for himself until he got himself a new girlfriend. You never know what a guy is packin’ until they offer up the kind of info Francis offered. He had a little dick!

He told me how he never knew he had a little dick until he started dating Linda. She apparently fell head over heels for Francis. I guess when they first started to fool around a few days ago, it was damn near impossible for them to actually have sex.

When I finally got a good look at Linda when she walked into my shop. She had a beautiful face and hair most women would kill for…she was a very full-figured girl. About 5”7 at what looked to be 380 pounds. Her largest asset was her backside.

Her ass literally looked as if you could sit a small child on the ledge and walk around without them falling off.  Now I understood why Francis had such a hard time making love to her…his cock wasn’t big enough to fit into her fat-covered pussy.

We talked about different positions they could do…sadly nothing would work. His cock was just too small, and her ass and thighs were too big. I showed him some cock extenders to allow Linda some pleasure. Now what to do with Francis?

Beyond a good blow job, this man needed to get some pleasure out of fucking his new heavy beauty. I told him he could oil up her soft thick thighs and have her squeeze them together. He might not be fucking her pussy, but those thick thighs could squeeze together tighter than any pussy.

They left feeling confident that they could finally get somewhere sexually together. I ran into the happy couple a few months later. Linda had actually gained more weight since I had seen her last. She gave me a bright smile and confessed she and Francis had found a new sexual fetish they both enjoyed.

Francis loved when Linda would sit on his face and smother him in her heavy ass and pussy. His favorite was when she would put most of her weight on his chest and cut off his breathing. She would jerk his cock off and rub her heavy tits all over his dick. The feeling of blacking out gave him the best orgasms.

He loved her weight and only wanted her to get bigger. From time to time he would enjoy having a nice huge black man come over to satisfy his beloved Linda. Something about seeing that horse-sized cock going in and out of her pussy with meat to spare got him turned on. Linda would do 69 with Francis and suck him off while she crushed his small frame. Their new friend Adam would fuck her from behind so Francis could watch the huge bull cock going in and out of her.

Francis was a complete man now. His little dick didn’t seem like such an issue.


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