List of Fetishes Both Common and Unique: What’s YOUR Kink

Here I have compiled a list of fetishes and their meanings. More commonly known as paraphilias, but hey- List of fetishes- is easier to say and understand.

A list of fetishes ( more common)

Ageplay  – Playing the role of younger or older.
Bondage – restraints, being tied up and so much more.
CBT – cock and ball torture (speaks for itself)
D/s – Dominant and submissive. A relationship built on trust and giving over control.
Edging – Bringing someone to the point of orgasm, then denying. Over and over again. ( But I let you cum… eventually)
Fisting – Shoving your fist into various holes. 🙂
Foot fetish – loving the feel or smell of feet.
Golden Showers – Peeing or being peed on.
Masochism/Masochist – Giving or receiving pain.
Medical play – plays involving medical equipment, anesthesia, tools. NEEDLES
Panty Fetish – Smelling, wearing, touching or getting aroused at the sight of panties
Rape Fantasy  – better Know as “consensual nonconsent” or as I Like to Call it RAPEMANCE. *wink*
Scat– play involving fecal matter.
stockings– love the look of them, or enjoy wearing them. How sexy they carve out the leg muscles.

Now here’s my list of fetishes, perhaps a little less common. Don’t knock it til you try it.

Actirasty- Arousal to the suns rays ( how many of you got a 2017 eclipse boner?)
Formicophilia- Arousal to bugs, or insects. (Spiderman doesn’t count)
Katoptronophilia- Arousal to sex in front of mirrors ( Yep, That’s ME)
Necrophilia- OK, I’ll say it rigor mortis sets in and we have all thought about it. Fucking a corpse.
Psellismophilia- Hearing someone stutter, and becoming aroused.

I enjoy lists, even more so I enjoy fetishes. This list of fetishes is very minuscule compared to how many are really out there. Some people get hot looking at the wood (not morning wood), Some like to play in costume better known as “Furries”. I love the idea of exploring them all. I’m hopeful that in my sex-crazed horny lifetime I can check more off, on my list of fetishes, fucked its bucket list.

PLEASE, feel free to add some! Sharing is Caring!

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