Grab Those frilly undies and Explore your Panty Fetish

Traffic surrounding you, and only one thought consumes you, your panty fetish.

No Ones Home, the ad you realize that this is the first time that you are goa have the chance to be alone.
Normally, the house is loud. Noise in the hallway. Bitching in the kitchen. Your Cell won’t stop ringing. But, now it’s quiet.

Should you? You’ve held back thoughts of it for weeks. Fighting your urge. What you need is right upstairs, or right down

the hall. You can’t stop thinking about her panties and your panty fetish. The fabric so slinky will feel so good against you. You wonder if she worked out in them this week, or could she have masturbated?

The thought of her aroma, on that lacey, silky fabric. Are you losing yourself now? Finding your hand rubbing against your

aching crotch. You can almost hear them calling you. The yearning of the hamper drawing you near. Will you be able to fight the urge? Just give in.

After all her parties are right there. No one will know. You can tell me ad I won’t tell. I can keep your dirty panty fetish secret. Better yet *giggle* I can supply all you have to do is ask. Come explore your filthy dirty undies, cheeky sniffing, thong licking, silk rubbing panty fetish with me.

Just remember, after you are through fulfilling your panty fetish desire to put them in the middle of the hamper. Wouldnt wants to get caught, now would we? Hot? Talk to me phonesex just begins with dialing my number.

Do YOU love panties? Have a naughty panty fetish?
Maybe you like strutting around in sexy lacey panties.
Perhaps the pungent aroma makes your mouth water.


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