Sometimes you just want to explore and learn about some new hot fetishes. Well here’s a little A to Z list of fetishes I’ve made that will cover some of them. Fetishes, which are also known as paraphilias: they’re the specific objects, clothes, circumstances or body parts that get some people’s erotic engines running wild.

I’m going to start with the letter A.

1. Abasiophilia: This one is often described as a fetish for mobility aids such as braces, casts or wheelchairs, but it also describes the attraction to people who rely on such aids.
2. Acrotomophilia: A sexual interest in amputees. Legs are more popular than arms, single amputations more popular than double, and stumps more popular than no-stump amputations. Its counterpart, apotemnophilia, is a fetish for being an amputee.
3. Acucullophilia: A fetish for circumcised penises – not just a preference, which is much more common.
4. Adult baby syndrome: This is self-explanatory, and also known as paraphilic infantilism. It’s a fetish for playing the role of an infant, and it might include wearing nappies or drinking from a baby bottle.
5. Agalmatophilia: If the mannequins in the department stores get your motor running, you may have agalmatophilia: it’s the sexual attraction to mannequins, statues, dolls or other figures

6. Agonophilia: Getting off on fake violence – such as a role play where one partner pretends to struggle.
7. Agrexophilia: Are pretty much shy exhibitionists: they don’t want others to watch them having sex but they want other people to know about it. So they like to brag about it or have people hear them get their freak on.

Wow, this list of fetishes is really getting this slut hot and bothered!

8. Algolagnia: Sadism or masochism: a fetish for inflicting pain on yourself or on others. I know this one sure turns me on!
9. Allorgasmia: Needing to fantasize about someone other than your partner in order to orgasm. Sounds like it’d be in any boring relationship to me.
10. Altocalciphilia: A fetish for high heels whether it’s looking at them, wearing them, and perhaps doing things to or with them.
11. Androidism: A fetish for human-esque robots, or of humans pretending to be robots. Anyone looking for a sex doll? Hehehe

12. Animal play: Is a special type of role play where one or more participants take on the role of an animal. Animal play is commonly seen in BDSM contexts. Typically the submissive “animal” partner is humiliated or dominated by his or her dominant master, but sometimes the “animal” will take on the more dominant role. Animal play is sometimes called animal role play or petplay.

13. ATM: ass to mouth sex, fuck her/him in the ass and she/he sucks your cock clean, also go back and forth from ass to mouth.

Now that’s quite a list of fetishes for just the letter A. Can’t wait to see what the other letters will bring for us, can you? Do any of these fetishes hit home for you? If they do you should come have some hot fetish phonesex with me! I’d love to know what gets you off and then help you get there! Or maybe you have something to add to this list of fetishes. I’d love to hear all about what gets you off.