So, you need my List of Fetishes, huh?  Well, I’m just the naughty-French-whore to give it to you; to say nothing of how the feeling lingers!  Although this may be true, Christmas just ain’t Christmas without ME getting mine too!  Have you gotten a peek at MY NAUGHTY LIST?  Believe me…it blows Santa‘s list outta the water!

However you cut it, fetishes drive our very eXXXistence; and I just LOVE DRIVING, Baby!  Incest Sex Stories are more than just role I play.  First of all, I started when I was 8 and everyone wanted a piece of little Joey!  I really got into it, and the role plays just got hotter!

In contrast, I CRAVE, BBC talk (and ACTION!)  Then, there’s Wax Play, a FAVE of my current lover.  I don’t know…there’s just something about the pleasure/pain of it.   Water Sports make me shake when I see my Golden Showers roll down your skin.

Have you ever tried Suspension?  What a thrill to have you enter the room and see me splayed out, hanging from the ceiling!  So, you can imagine Witchcraft Sex and torture being the name of the game? YUM!  Sometimes, I’m just a Service-Top, giving in to your desires, only because of how turned on it makes YOU!

Rape Fantasy can be eXXXtra hot when my partner is a brute and likes to make me PAY!  Nothing makes my pussy wetter than when I lose CUNTrol of myself with you!  I’ve got a never-ending-list of filthy things I’ll HAPPILY DO for, to and WITH you!  All YOU have to do…is ask for your Christmas Wish with me and then just lie back and enjoy the ride! I’ll take care of What To Say During Sex!  I know the THINGS TO SAY DURING PHONE SEX


List Of Fetishes