My Limo Driver

I don’t know if any of you ever get chauffeured.  But I do know you all should really look into it, or get you a private limo driver. Obviously you want to know why. Well I have a limo driver for certain big shoots.  One day I had a big shoot, my same ol’ chauffeur and we was on my way to meet my friends at this club downtown. The ride was about 45 minutes to a hour away. Being as though the ride was a little lengthy I decided to spark conversation with my driver. He also was EXTREMELY easy on the eyes which made it that much better. Conversation with him went so easy I began getting a little more into his personal life. I asked him what he’d done in his previous career and what he’d like to do as well for work in the future.

To my surprise he began telling me about his short time in the porn industry. Lucky me.

He told me about all his sexy smoking hot experiences. As I listened I found my pussy getting warmer and wetter. My hands started to take on a mind of their own and I couldn’t help but to gently stroke my now soaking wet pussy lips. I fingered myself a little deeper and a little harder. I tried to be as discreet as possible but I couldn’t help but to fantasize about that cock and how I wished I was one of the girls in the story. We stopped at a light and he got glimpse of my now widely spread out legs.

He asked me if i would like him to stop with the stories. I abruptly denied that question and told him “Actually maybe you should pull over and come in the back with me and help to take my mind to another world.” He quickly found a place to pull over.

He came into the back with me and i seductively asked “Tell me more.”

He continued talking to me looking deep into my eyes as I masturbated to the sound of his voice. He got so close I could feel the warmth of his breath in my ear. He began undressing and then there it was. He swiftly moved my moved my hand to the side and inserted his rock hard throbbing dick. It felt just as I imagined. As he grinned inside and out of me he picked up speed and started beating my little pussy up to what seemed like to a pulp. I fucking loved it.

He then pulled out and shoved every inch of him down my throat. I sucked him off like I had I been practicing for this moment my whole life. We switched positions and he tongue fucked the shit out of my pussy. He devoured my cookie like his mouth had never met anything so sweet in his life. I face fucked him until my legs started shaking and I could barely move them. And just like that I squirted the life out of my body.  Just when I thought my body had taken all it could take he flipped me around and bent me over. He fingered my butt while he proceeded to again fuck me like he hated he me. This continued for just a little longer until he finally released all of him all over me.

Incidentally we were only minutes away from the club so we wrapped things up and he dropped me off as planned.I’d never been so excited for a ride back home. How about we just say this he’s my personal limo driver but I’m now his very on rider. Literally.

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