Do you know what I love to do? I love to see how far a guy will let me go while I am exploring his body with my fingers and my tongue…but I love assplay.

I was with a guy I picked up from the gym and he was hot but not very creative in bed. While I was giving him one of my amazing long wet blow jobs, I decided to go a little further. I put my hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him up a bit. I moved my tongue from his balls to his taint and then I licked his asshole. He moaned “no!” but I figured he must mean yes. His cock was so hard. I started to lick his asshole and then I stuck it in.

glory hole

He came so hard. He later told me that he thought he would be gay if he liked assplay. I told him to stop acting like a homophobic bitch and just enjoy the ride. I left him begging for more. Next time I see him I am bringing my strap on.

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