He always thought I was pretty and was always looking for a reason to get me alone, finally he got the chance.

Dale was daddies best friend, he was older, and he was one hell of a charmer. Mom liked him a lot sometimes during parties at the house mom and him would sneak off into one room and dad and his wife Beth would sneak off to another. No one knew save for me and my brothers what they were up to.

As I got older Dale had started looking at me, noticing me the way I had started to notice him. Daddy wasn’t ready for his little girl to go running around with his little girl I guess dad felt territorial cause Dale was already charming my mothers panties off and their daughter didn’t really catch dads interest. So when dad was out on a job and mom along with Beth went shopping Dale stopped by. He’d gotten himself a brand new mustang, black with sexy ass racing stripes and he just had to show it to me.

“You wanna go for a ride?” He asked, at the age of 16 I picked up on that double meaning in his tone.

“Yea” I told him with a smile. I was wearing my favorite white sun dress and headed out with him. Soon as we got the highway he had the car going 80 down the park way and I was loving it. He eventually turned off taking us to the pine barrens and parked the car.

“You ready for a real ride Starrie?” He asked me sliding over towards me and letting his fingers glide up my dress. He was surprised when he found that I wasn’t wearing panties and tried to slide a finger in but I pushed him back wagging a finger playfully at him. “I’ll be doing the riding” I told him and fished out that throbbing cock. He was bigger then I thought but it made sense why mom loved fucking him so much. So I wrapped my pretty lips right around his shaft….

It started there but didn’t end at that.

But that was then and now I wanna take another ride, can we take one together?