Don’t you think it’s about time? Time to go spend your money on the one thing we both know you need. Bitch boy shopping Spree of course! Those things you got out of your wives closet isn’t going to do anymore! I want My bitch boy to be ready when I have cock after cock line up for him to take. Lets great ready pretty boy and Let’s go shopping!

First thing is First

First, thing you need to do is Pick up that phone and dial your favorite PSK phonesex Girls number. Once we establish a time we can spend together. Be ready to go shopping. Yes, that’s right, We are actually going to go shopping. You are gonna drive over to our mall and with me in your ear. Your gonna tell me exactly what a little pathetic loser you are. How the only thing in your life that makes sense is being the little bitch boy you are. That only I know how to bring you your true self. What you truly need is my guidance on how to being that enter slut you’ve always desired. Then let me hear you beg for it.

Arriving at the Mall for your Bitch boy Shopping Spree

You are gonna walk into the mall a man. Leaving my Bitch boy slut! Ready to be sucked and fucked as you should be. You are going to walk into the sexy Lingerie. Find the pretties sales girl there and tell her exactly who you are. You can introduce your self as Brittany’s Bitch Boy Slut. Then Tell her you are here to find the perfect Cock sucking outfit. Have her help you pick out some outfits, of course, with my help too. Then as you try each and every one of them on you will walk through the store Introducing yourself. Just like a perfect slut would!

The sales girl will be taking pictures of each outfit sending them to me.

Don’t you think this sounds perfect? It’s about time we tell the world exactly who you are! Once we find the perfect outfit or outfits! Cause you will need many. The next stop will be Shoes!

My naughty slut will know NO PANTIES are allowed

My Little Fuck boy better dressed for his Bitch Boy Shopping Spree. That cute little Skirt and Top you stoled from your wife. That one you always get cause you know it fits you perfectly. Yes, that one. You better have it on before you even had called me! Cause you buy those cute Bitch boy slut outfits we are going shoe shopping. What Slut doesn’t look better in heels? Once you’ve walked down to the shoe store you will find the sales clerk ask him if he has any heels in your big clumsy feet. Then hopefully he can find something to fit you. As he brings out shoes your gonna find a seat and I want that Pathic thing you call a dick hard. So when he’s sliding those heels on he seeing what a Looser boy you really are.

If you are a good Fuck Slut I just might let you take him in the back room and Suck off his dick. Be a good fuck boy just like your Beautiful Cruel Goddess likes you to be and you will be rewarded.

Makeup Nails and Hair Time

Next, you will be off to the beauty parlor. No Slut of mine will be able to complete his bitch Boy Shopping Spree without it!  You will announce you here to transition into Brittanys Worthless slut and need to make yourself pretty for me. That I have Cock after cock you now must sever. However, You need to look pretty. Not like the worthless piece of shit you look like now. I will have them do you make-up to match your slut clothes.

Then do your Nails.

I want them nice and long so when you’re wrapping your pathetic hands around that massive cock. Your nails will at least look good! Maybe a bright color against that BBC will stand out. Of course, with that bright red lipstick, your lips will be perfect for cock sucking. Now to find the perfect wig to make sure you have enough hair so the men I have lined up have something to hold onto. A nice red wing would be perfect to complete your Bitch boy look! Red the sign of any good slut!

Are you ready to be my perfect little Fuck boy now?

Then pick up that phone and let’s get this Bitch Boy Shopping Spree done! I can’t wait to have the perfect little slut. I already have men waiting to use and abusive your perfect worthless mouth and ass. So let’s do this soon!