Hello loser, how are you doing? I ask as if I care, I don’t. You are of no consequence to me and my daily life. In your life, you go through every day hoping you MIGHT be better at it than the day before. That is never the case, is it?! I know the truth. I am the beautiful cruel Goddess that knows no matter how hard you try, you are always a fuck-up.

Chances are, everyone in your life knows that you suck. Your wife tolerates you, she loves the money you make. Your mother or family have no choice, you are related by blood, so they are stuck with you. Then your kids deny they know you because you have fucked them over so much.

As a beautiful cruel Goddess, I am here to help you face the truth!

Trust me, it is time, to be honest with yourself and open to the possibilities of owning your worthlessness. Down deep you have always known you were a fucking pussy. Unable to get anything right. Fear and inadequacy are your curses. Living every day with the fear you will let another person down. You know you are inadequate in every area of your life.

My job is to help you own that shit. I will take you through the steps to get down into your core, to find out when you first knew you would never measure up and would always be a defeated man. Were you a teenager and unable to please the little girls in school? Then you finally found someone that saw good in you, she married you. You convinced her to wait until you were married to have sex.

Knowing you were unable to satisfy her.

With your mediocre sex and possibly tiny little pecker, there was no way she would have married you. Therefore, making sure there was no sex until you were married made sure she said yes at the altar. On your wedding night, she was so disappointed she cried. How embarrassing for you loser. Makes me laugh out loud just imagining how awful it was. I fucking love being a beautiful cruel Goddess!

Now, I am here to go through it all and allow you to own that worthless feeling. You are a loser, unable to ever satisfy or meet commitments. Your boss allows you to stay around because you get “just” enough done to justify keeping your job. Truth is, he feels sorry for you. Your wife and his wife are friends and they know your reality at home. That must sting to know your boss knows the truth, OUCH!

The truth is painful bitch!

Too bad cry baby, you are going to face it with me. It makes my pretty little pussy drip to humiliate you in every way. Furthermore, showing you all your failures weakens you. Once I have you fully broken, you will bow to my every wish. Craving the verbal beatings, you will run to me when things are tough.

Knowing that I own you and your pathetic self. I own you, body, mind, and soul. My skills in fetish phone sex make your tiny little wiener hard. You can’t do anything with that tiny little clit but cum on yourself. How disgusting and sad is that?! You don’t have a dick, you have a clitoris. It is so small you can’t even jerk off like a man. You rub it with one finger to get off.

Damn, that shit is so sad little sissy boy!

When it comes to this area I am the beautiful cruel Goddess with the most Sissy Humiliation StoriesI love to bring you to your knees with my cruel words and humiliation. Other than using my arsenal of pain-inflicting toys, sissy humiliation is right there in getting me off! There is such an adrenaline rush watching you break as I hurl hateful words and crush you.

That is why I am here, to show you what a beaten, lame douche you truly are. I will walk you through every failure in your life. Making you relive all those horrible, painful moments until you weep at my feet, begging me to stop. But understand this Goddess does not bestow mercy, so weep little bitch, weep!